More Bans Please

Vernon Coleman

Airlines are banning all nuts from their flights so that nut allergy sufferers can fly safely.

It would, of course, be safer, easier and more convenient for everyone else if the very tiny number of people who are allergic to nuts simply travelled by car or train.

But we mustnít say that.

All peccadilloes and susceptibilities must be honoured.

And so all airline passengers must, in future, be searched to make sure that they donít have an old peanut hiding amidst the fluff in a jacket pocket.

While they are banning all nuts from flights I would be grateful if the appropriate authorities would also ban all mothers with screaming children from cafes, all barking dogs from beaches and all lorries, caravans and Audis from our roads.

I am working on a longer list of 2893737823636 things which urgently need banning but that will do for starters.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019