More Lies about Climate Change

Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

When the Met Office announced that February had seen the hottest day on record (21.2 degrees C) the climate change myth makers were immediately on their feet shouting that this was proof that the world was getting hotter and that it was getting hotter because thousands of people were flying around in aeroplanes attending climate change conferences.

This was, of course, the usual bollocks.

If Britain were getting hotter you would expect the hottest days to all be in recent years.

But the Met Office figures show that this is not the case.

So, for example, the hottest January day was recorded in 1958, the hottest March day was recorded in 1968, the hottest April day was recorded in 1949, the hottest May date was recorded in 1922 and the hottest June day was recorded in 1957.

So there you are. Those are official Met Office figures.

The climate change myth makers are lying through their teeth.

Lie, after lie after lie.

Hereís another one.

According to the BBC, `since 2005 the number of floods around the world has increased by 15 timesí.

This is bollocks, of course. There has been no increase in floods since 2005.

Even the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says there has been no increase in flooding.

The only surprise in all this is that there are any people around who apparently still believe what the government (and the BBC) tells them.

But there is hope.

After the government warned parents not to take any notice of me for daring to tell the truth about vaccines, sales of my book Vaccines are dangerous and donít work went through the roof.

Iím delighted that the Brexit lies and incompetence mean that no one believes anything politicians or civil servants say.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019