The Real Reason Councils Want More Money

Vernon Coleman

Local councils in England are putting up bills by 4.5%. (In Wales theyíre grabbing up to 10% extra).

The councils say they need an increase way above inflation to pay for extra services.

You wonít be surprised to hear thatís a lie.

Councils need the extra money to pay for huge salaries and the massive pensions that go with them.

For decades now councils have been throwing money at senior council staff Ė with hundreds earning more than the Prime Minister and some earning as much as investment bankers.

Naturally, their pensions have risen pro rata.

So council workers are retiring on pensions of over £100,000 a year.

I have been concerned about this for some years.

But now itís happening.

Council bills are going to rise rapidly.

But it isnít to pay for extra services.

Itís to pay for fat pensions for greedy council executives.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019

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