More Stupidity in the Guardian

Dr Vernon Coleman

The Guardian doesn’t pay its writers very well (or at least it didn’t when I was writing for it as a teenager) so I suppose that’s why it seems to me to end up with some of the worst writers and columnists in Britain.

You get what you pay for.

The Guardian is, of course, a financial partner of Bill Gates whose beliefs I accurately described in 2020 when I made a couple of (long ago banned) videos entitled `Just a Little Prick – Parts 1 and 2’. (The transcripts are still available on my websites.)

The latest lunacy in The Guardian comes from someone called Zoe Williams (no I hadn’t heard of her either).

She describes covid as `obviously more horrifying’ than I had supposed (so we know she’s fast asleep) and then comments on the BBC’s Question Time appeal `for unvaccinated people to appear in the audience’.

This is what she says: `What if, being unvaccinated, they all give each other covid and some become seriously ill?...What if someone dies?’

Oh dear.

And then she says: `What if the vaxxed audience members, after a risk assessment, decline to sit next to them?’

It is frightening to see such a person being allowed to express her views on or in any sort of medium other than a lavatory wall. The one blessing is that hardly anyone reads the newspaper she writes for. (If `writes’ is the correct word.)

I wonder how many years will go by before Ms Williams discovers that the authorities around the world agree that the jab doesn’t stop anyone getting covid and, if they’ve got it, doesn’t stop them spreading it?

Indeed, the vaxxed seem more likely to get covid and more likely to die of it. And more likely to die of being vaxxed than the unvaxxed are to die of covid. (Just look at the figures, Ms Williams.)

If she were to look at the evidence (seemingly not something that comes easily to Guardian writers) Ms Williams would find that the sorry idiots who have been jabbed with one or more of the covid-19 jabs are far more dangerous to themselves and the people sitting next to them than the wise citizens who have refused to be jabbed.

That’s what the science says, anyway.

Sadly, I believe this sort of nonsense is contributing to the fear, hatred and division in our society. But, sadly, I’m not surprised.

The old `Manchester Guardian’ (as it was known) was well respected and had a wide readership. The new `Guardian’ seems to me to be a truly fascist rag, pandering to the tiny handful of loonies who want to rule the world but won’t because they are just too darned stupid.

Oh, and finally, the evidence also shows that the people who don’t accept the toxic experimental jab are more intelligent than those who roll up their sleeves and say `will it hurt?’.

So they probably aren’t among the few who do read The Guardian these days.

When you’ve finished not paying the BBC licence fee (legally, of course) make sure that you don’t buy The Guardian.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2022

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