More than Enough

Dr Vernon Coleman

If you havenít read my article entitled `More heartfelt thoughts on Gazaí please read it now. If you have read it, please read it again. And ask everyone you know to read it.

I have difficulty in putting into words the way I feel about what is happening to the innocents in Gaza. Israel is no longer attacking Hamas. Instead, Israel is killing babies and children in what appears to be an awful, blood thirsty and savage revenge. Perhaps the plan is to kill every potential future enemy. If that is the case then the slaughter will continue for years.

I am appalled by the way the American Government is refusing to criticise, or even question, Israelís blatant war crimes. If deliberately bombing hospitals, churches, mosques, houses and a refugee camp isnít a war crime then we have to assume that there are NO rules. The Israeli Government now appears to be deliberately targeting the innocents in the same way that Genghis Khan once did.

The doctors and nurses (many of them working with Medicine Sans Frontier) have my respect and admiration. It is embarrassing to compare them with the well-paid doctors working in Britainís NHS where GPs work just over 20 hours a week and hospital doctors have been on strike for a 35% pay rise. The doctors in Gaza, working in intolerable conditions that would have doubtless resulted in British doctors going on strike, have revived my faltering faith in the medical profession.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2023