Coronavirus – More Thoughts

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

1. Why on earth is the Government talking about closing schools, banning sports events and sealing cities to prevent the spread of the coronavirus? If the disease is as contagious as they claim (and remember, a contagious bug can be spread by touch as well as through the air) then surely delaying the spread of the disease won’t make any difference in the long run. Unless there are plans to turn towns and sites where the bug has been found into ghettoes – locked off from the world. Perhaps the Government is waiting for a virus to be made. And if that’s the plan (and from the beginning I have feared that this is the hidden agenda) the vaccinations will be made compulsory (or damned near compulsory). And then all vaccinations will be made compulsory.

2. The mortality figures for the coronavirus are probably distorted because the authorities are only identifying people with severe bouts of the disease. Think of flu: millions of people get flu but never report their symptoms to a doctor. They know there is little point. But the authorities wrongly assume that the mortality rate can be ascertained by measuring the number of deaths against the number of patients seen by doctors. (If 1,000 people go to their doctors with the flu, and 1 of those patients dies, then the mortality rate is 0.1%. But if another 9,000 people have the flu but don’t go to their doctors, then the mortality rate is 0.01%.)

3. Why did the authorities allow the Climate Change Mythmakers to hold a huge meeting in Bristol last week? (The one attended by Little Greta in what looked remarkably like a yellow plastic coat. Couldn’t have been plastic, of course. Probably made out of rays of sunshine.) If the bug poses a real threat then holding such an entirely pointless meeting should have been banned.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2nd 2020

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