Corona Virus – Yet More Thoughts

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The hysteria grows and the more the hysteria grows the more the confusion grows.

The WHO now agrees with me that currency could spread the bug. Why did it take them so long – I warned about this on in February. Could governments and central banks use the coronarvirus as an excuse to create a cashless society? It’s what they desperately want.

Here are some latest thoughts:

1. Wearing a plastic box on your head (as some people are doing) is utterly pointless. If you can still breathe then the air is getting into your plastic box. And the air will contain the bugs you are trying to avoid. If you cannot breathe then you will die very quickly.
2. Masks aren’t much use unless they are proper gas masks. `But surgeons wear masks!’ said someone. Indeed they do. But they wear masks to stop the bugs they breathe out contaminating the wound not to stop themselves being contaminated by the air they breathe in.
3. The Government has made the coronavirus a notifiable disease in order to please travel companies. This is so stupid it is off the stupidscale. If the disease affects one in four individuals (as has been wildly forecast) then doctors will have to fill in 15 million forms and 15 million forms will have to be filed, processed and shared with various departments. There will be little time for anything else.
4. 'People will die!’ screamed the Daily Mail. Well, that is probably true. But it is also possible that people will die falling downstairs. And I haven’t seen the Daily Mail producing screaming headlines about that risk.
5. If children turn out to be immune to the disease then I will start to believe my theory that this is a man-made bug designed to kill off the elderly and save governments from massive pension bills.
6. Is the coronavirus still going to be a headline story in one, three or six months’ time? I rather doubt it. The whole thing needs to be put into perspective. Tabloid newspapers used to be blamed for scaremongering. These days it’s governments which specialise in scaremongering – as they attempt to terrify us into silent obedience. It seems to me that the coronavirus excitement is the AIDS scare all over again. Remember when the BMA warned us that everyone would be affected by the year 2000? TV and newspapers were united in ignoring the facts and promoting the fear. The nonsense terrified people so much that some committed suicide. Today, fear is used to oppress and distract. Who thought this one up? The Bilderbergers perhaps? Watch out for compulsory vaccination.
7. The stock market is behaving as though the coronavirus is going to kill everyone and destroy all commerce. Well, if does then there won’t be any point in holding any shares. But if it doesn’t kill us all (or most of us) then the shares will go back up again.
Copyright Vernon Coleman 5th March 2020

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