Most Kids Will Starve or Freeze to Death (And its Nothing To Do With Climate Change)

Vernon Coleman

Greeny, liberal luvvies (the neo-Nazi EU lovers who enthusiastically destroy things to save the planet or who fly round the world to attend climate change meetings) want log fires to be banned.


Well, because log fires are rather jolly and might remind people of Victorian Christmases while they are keeping warm. (Victorian Christmases being doubly bad since the Victorians were Empire builders and Christmas is a Christian festival).

It all seems odd to me. What do the greens suggest we do with all the dead trees which have the temerity to fall over in the countryside?

They suggest that we could burn them in big incinerators in towns to make electricity to enable them to drive around in their electric cars.

And so that’s what the Government does!

And (here’s the joke) the 11% of our electricity which is obtained by burning wood counts as a big part of the energy which the greens describe as 'renewable’ and therefore a 'good thing’.

So there you have it.

Burn a bit of dead tree in your fireplace so that you can keep warm and that is a BAD thing.

But allow the Government to burn it in a huge commercial incinerator and that is a GOOD thing.

(That’s practical fascism in a nutshell.)

For the record, another 38% of our electricity produced by renewables is obtained by burning rubbish.

And most of the rubbish burned to create electricity from renewables is imported - which means it is transported long distances by ships and lorries which rely on old-fashioned fossil fuels to move about.

Ah, but there is always solar energy isn’t there.

Alas, just 5% of our renewable energy is obtained from all those hideous, expensive and inefficient solar panels.

So we’ll just have to rely on continuing to burn bits of old tree.

As long as we don’t burn the bits of old tree in a fireplace.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019

Don’t forget to read A Bigger Problem than Climate Change by Vernon Coleman. It explains why we have a much bigger problem than global warming to worry about. Today’s ten year olds are worrying about the wrong crisis – they should be worrying about the fact that the oil is running out. If we don’t take immediate action to plan for our future most of today’s children and teenagers will starve or freeze to death.