Everything is now going to get much worse.

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Supermarkets are reporting that shoppers can no longer afford meat or dairy products and have become vegan. It has been reported that households which eat vegan or vegetarian can save a third on their food bill. These new vegetarians and vegans aren’t changing their diets because they don’t want to eat animals or because they know they will be healthier: they’re being forced into changing their diets. And what is happening is exactly what the conspirators want. The plan is to stop anyone eating meat or dairy produce and to force everyone to eat laboratory made food. They’re doing it, predictably, by making meat and dairy produce too expensive.

2. Those little pictures which computer savvy people put on their emails are everywhere. I’m told that even blokes are using them. That’s not right. Real men might eat quiche, I suppose. (Though only as a last resort – just before they start eating grass and wasps.) But they surely cannot use those little picture things on their emails. They’re for children and girls.

3. I wish investment companies would stop making investment decisions according to the dictates of the eco-morons. If I want to give money to save the icebergs I’ll give money to The Iceberg Foundation. If I want to help climate cultists I’ll give them a tube of glue. I don’t expect investment companies to use my money to satisfy their sanctimonious cowardice.

4. The global obsession with mental illness (brought to life by the British royal family) is nauseating. The royals know nothing about mental illness – either as sufferers or as healers. They should shut up, polish their tiaras and concentrate on opening supermarkets and planting trees.

5. The obsession with the menopause has become absurd. Women promoting HRT should ask their enthusiastic supporters: `Which would you rather have: hot flushes or cancer?’ The enthusiasm for menopause treatment was devised by the pharmaceutical industry as a way of making (yet more) profits. Anyone stupid enough to trust a drug company or a drug company employee deserves what they get. Everyone who works for, or who has ever worked for, a drug company should be locked up.

6. There’s going to be a massive increase in the number of suicides. The increase will, of course, be blamed on covid which will, as usual, be innocent. Has a simple flu ever been so maligned? Covid-19 should sue to protect its reputation.

7. The new Scottish pound being promoted as the future by the Scottish National Party will be worth 10 pence for a while as collectors pick up samples of the currency as a souvenir of a bad idea. And then, once the curiosity subsides, the currency will go into free fall and end up having much the same value as one of those pretty stamps sold by the Monks on Caldy Island.

8. A husband and wife team behind one of the covid jabs say that vaccines for cancer could be widely available before 2030. The operative word is `could’. Other predictions from my advisors are: `The whole of Britain could be under water by 2030’, `Everyone in Britain could be a billionaire by next Wednesday’ and `Pathologists could find a very small, shrivelled brain inside the skull of Piers Morgan at an autopsy in 2025’.

9. Just a reminder: there is no state pension fund. Today’s state pensions are paid out of the taxes paid by today’s earners. Tomorrow’s state pensions will be paid out of the taxes paid by tomorrow’s earners. And state pensions in ten years’ time won’t be paid at all because there won’t be any money. Oh, and the same thing goes for the pensions paid to civil servants except that things are worse. National and local civil servants may think they’re sitting pretty and will receive their generous pensions – but they’re in a worse position than anyone. They’ll receive nothing.

10.`None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.’ – Goethe.

11. Why are finance `experts’ worrying so much about mortgage rates rising? For a decade or more home buyers have been spoilt with absurdly low interest rates. The ones who are now complaining have clearly bought homes they can’t afford. And they were too stupid to lock in to the low interest rates on offer. The people we should feel sorry for are the prudent folk, now in their 50s and 60s, who have seen their savings and their pensions decimated – and their hopes left in ruins.

12. Electricity cuts will take place between 4pm and 7pm on really, really cold days. There will be no heating or lighting so shops and offices will have to close early. This will ruin productivity and further damage the economy. Streets will be dark so children going home will be run over by silent electric cars. Homes will be freezing cold and will stay freezing cold for the whole evening. Death rates will soar. Who says this government doesn’t know what it’s doing?

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Copyright Vernon Coleman October 2022