You Need a `Mugger’s Wallet’

Dr Vernon Coleman

When you go out of your home you should take with you what I call a `mugger's wallet'. Find an old wallet and put into it some relatively unimportant but impressive looking pieces of plastic which look like credit cards. (My `mugger's wallet' contains a gold card which gives admission to the casino in Monte Carlo and an even more impressive looking piece of plastic which gives a 10% discount off purchases at a chip shop in Barnstaple, Devon. I haven’t visited either town for over a decade but who is counting.) Add a few currency notes left over from old holidays. Stuff in notes which look impressive but which are low grade and worth relatively little. It should be possible to fill a wallet with an impressive looking wad of currency which is worth less than a fiver. When a mugger demands that you hand over your wallet, this is the one you give him (after a moment or two's judicious hesitation, of course).

If you are carrying more than a few pounds, don't put all your cash into one `real' wallet. Carry several wallets and a money belt if necessary. Keep cash stashed in several different places whenever you leave the house.

Extract taken from `How to protect and preserve your freedom, identity and privacy’ by Vernon Coleman.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2022

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