A Mugger’s Wallet

Vernon Coleman

When you go out of your home you should take with you what I call a `mugger's wallet'. Find an old wallet and put into it some relatively unimportant but impressive looking pieces of plastic which look like credit cards. (My `mugger's wallet' contains a gold card which gives admission to the casino in Monte Carlo and an even more impressive looking piece of plastic which gives a 10% discount off purchases at a chip shop in Devon.) Add a few currency notes left over from old holidays. Stuff in notes which look impressive but which are low grade and worth relatively little. It should be possible to fill a wallet with an impressive looking wad of currency which is worth less than a tenner. When a mugger demands that you hand over your wallet, this is the one you give him (after a moment or two's judicious hesitation, of course). And if you are carrying more than a few pounds, don't put all your cash into one `real' wallet. Carry several wallets and a money belt if necessary. Keep cash stashed in several different places whenever you leave the house.’

Taken from How to Protect and Preserve Your Freedom, Identity and Privacy by Vernon Coleman – available as a paperback on Amazon.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2019