Vernon Coleman

Liberal, lefty, head in the sand luvvies constantly tell us that we live in a multicultural society and that all Muslims are peaceful people who want to live in harmony with those of us who think we are living in a Christian country.

However, here are some recent poll results:

Just 57% of Muslims in the world disapprove of al Qaeda (so, 43% of Muslims approve of al Queda). (2013)

Almost a quarter of British Muslims thought that the attack on the London Tube known as the 7/7 attack was justified. (2006)

A surprising 37% of British Muslims said that they thought that Jews were `a legitimate targetí. (2005)

A BBC Poll reported that 45% of British Muslims said that imams who preached violence against the West could be described as part of `mainstream Islamí. (2015)

And so and so on.

Oh, and the Founder of the Muslim Research and Development Foundation has stated that husbands should not be questioned about hitting their wives, that homosexuality is an evil crime and that western women should submit to Allah and wear the niqab.

So, there you go.

All those shouty female MPs will look good in niqabs.

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