What Britain Will Look Like Within a Decade If Treacherous Remainers Succeed In Preventing Brexit

Vernon Coleman

Here is my forecast for what will happen if Blair, Clegg, Sturgeon and other EU lovers succeed in thwarting the will of the British people – and keeping Britain in the European Union.

1. Many Muslim politicians will promote the EU’s immigration policies and encourage unlimited immigration. Militant Muslims know that the more immigrants there are in Britain the sooner there will be a Muslim Government in charge of the remains of the United Kingdom. It is worth noting that a majority of British Muslims admit that if someone they knew was planning terrorist activity they would not report them to the police. (Why doesn’t this seem to terrify anyone in authority?)
2. Muslims will quickly reach positions of great power. For example, the new Mayor of London is a Muslim who has called ‘moderate Muslims’ ‘Uncle Toms’. When sworn in as a member of the Queen’s Privy Council, Mr Khan took the oath on a copy of the Koran. Within days of taking office, the new mayor of London wanted to ban advertisements for lingerie and swimwear from the London Underground. (He said he wanted to protect women from harmful adverts. He did not, however, propose a ban on hair products or deodorants. And why do women need to be protected in this way?) As the Muslim population continues to grow rapidly, so the number of Muslim voters will increase. And a Muslim Government will be inevitable – and there will be inevitable changes in culture and law.
3. Homosexuality will be made illegal. As, of course, will same sex marriage. Homosexuals will be executed.
4. Women will not be allowed to vote in national elections.
5. Women will not be allowed to drive motor cars.
6. Women will not be allowed to wear clothes or make up which ‘shows off their beauty’. The police will be allowed to harass or arrest women who expose too much flesh.
7. Women will not be allowed to mix with men in parks, on beaches or on public transport.
8. Women will not be allowed to use public swimming pools where men are present.
9. Women will not be allowed to try on clothes when shopping.
10. Women will not be allowed to compete in sports.
11. Women will not be allowed to read fashion magazines.
12. Women will not be allowed to enter cemeteries.
13. Rape will no longer be a crime.
14. Christian churches will be destroyed. It will be illegal to celebrate Christian events.
15. There will be no alcohol on sale in supermarkets, and public houses will be closed if they sell alcohol.
16. It will be illegal to keep a dog as a pet.

That’s a taster of what we can look forward to if Britain remains a member of the EU and unlimited immigration continues. That will be Britain within a decade.

And if you think I’m exaggerating then you should, perhaps, be aware that the items listed above are the law in Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia.

Defending British traditions, culture, tolerance and freedoms is not racism.

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