Muslim Leaders

Vernon Coleman

A prominent Muslim has claimed that Sajid Javid is unlikely to become Prime Minister of Great Britain because he is a Muslim.

This is nonsense.

An MP’s position on Brexit will play a far greater part in whether or not she or he becomes Prime Minister than their religion (or lack of it).

And Javid, an ex-banker, voted Remain in the Referendum. He joined the fashionable Project Fear by claiming (quite bizarrely) that leaving the EU would guarantee a lost decade for British business.

He should not be in the Cabinet.

Britain voted to leave the EU.

There should be no Remainers in the Cabinet.

Once the betrayer May has gone, the Conservative Party won’t accept another Remainer as their leader.

They probably won’t want an ex banker – he worked for a German bank.

(Look at what is happening with toxic ex-banker Macron in France.)

But they definitely won’t accept someone who voted Remain.

And it is because he voted Remain – and not because he is a Muslim – that Javid is unsuitable to be Prime Minister of Britain.

Indeed, I don’t think he, or any other Remainers, deserve to be in the House of Commons.

Meanwhile, here’s a question for prominent Muslims who feel that they get a rough deal in Britain: ‘In Britain we have a Muslim Home Secretary and a Muslim Mayor of London, now name one Christian politician in a powerful position in a Muslim country.’

I confess I can’t think of any.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019