My Nightmare

Dr Vernon Coleman

These are strange times. I am certain I know what is happening but even so I sometimes find it difficult to believe. And I understand why others find it bizarre.

I have a recurring nightmare in which I go to see a doctor.

`I can’t sleep, doctor.’

`Why do you think that might be?’

`I lie awake worrying because evil people led by mad billionaires, the Pope, Tony Blair and a Dr Strangelove type character called Schwab want to kill over six billion people and force the rest of us to be jabbed with a potentially lethal substance which hasn’t been properly tested.’

`You don’t think this substance will do what doctors tell you it will do?’

`No. The authorities admit it doesn’t stop you catching anything and if you do catch something it doesn’t stop you passing it on to someone else.’

`And where did you find out about all this?’ asks the doctor.

`I read about it on the internet. There isn’t anything about it in the newspapers or on the television because they’ve all been bought.’

`They’ve been bought by the billionaires, I suppose?’

`Yes. By evil billionaires who want to take over the world. Bill Gates’s money is everywhere. Even the BBC and the Guardian have financial links with him.’

`And how are these evil folk going to kill six billion people?’

`Either by starvation or perhaps by killing them with that deadly injection I mentioned.’

The doctor, looking apprehensive, nods and then stands. `Just sit there quietly for a moment, would you? I’m going to fetch one my colleagues to help me and I’ll need to make one or two telephone calls. I think perhaps you need some specialist help.’

That’s when I wake up, sweating and with my heart pounding.

Copyright Vernon Coleman December 2021

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