The Climate Change Myth Debunked!

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

A major study has shown that climate change warnings have been grossly exaggerated. Indeed, it is now clear, as I have been saying for longer than I care to remember, that the whole climate change nonsense is just another piece of nonsense being promoted by another well financed ‘scare industry’.

Nevertheless, the climate change myth is still so popular that anyone who publicly questions it will likely be barred from BBC programmes and university lecture halls.

Climate change scientists who make a good living out of the climate change myth actively argue that climate change is the biggest threat to mankind.

Well, they would, wouldn’t they? They’ve become famous. And all those long-haul flights to conferences in exotic parts of the world would stop if the myth was not sustained.

Climate change is, in almost every respect, the 21st century equivalent to AIDS in the 1990s.

The AIDS threat was blown up by homosexuals as a ruthless public relations campaign designed to gather attention, sympathy and support. Aggressive homosexuals spread misinformation widely – causing massive and unnecessary concern among millions of ordinary people.

Today, lobbyists and vested interests and crooked scientists have again hyped and created a money-spinning apocalyptic threat.

They changed the threat from Global Warming to the considerably more `wishy washy’ Climate Change when it became abundantly clear that the world wasn’t getting warmer.

Now, some of those promoting the Global Warming myth have taken to calling it Global Chilling. (We’ve had some bad weather recently so, apparently, the new name seems more appropriate.)

Every unusual weather event is blamed on climate change.

The simple truth, of course, is that there have been unusual weather events since the beginning of records. For example, back in 1709 Europe froze for several months. It was so cold that people skated on the canals in Venice. Church bells shattered when they were rung. It was possible to ride across the Baltic Sea on horseback.

Was this due to man-made climate change?

During the 1980s it was not considered acceptable to question the widely held (but unsustainable) belief that AIDS was about to kill us all. I was repeatedly banned from television and radio programmes because the scientific truths I wished to share were considered politically unacceptable.

I seem to remember listening agog as the British Medical Association and the Royal College of Nursing both forecast, quite seriously that we would all be affected by AIDS by the year 2000. These organisations created panic, mass fear and hysteria and were responsible for suicides. More people were killing themselves because they were frightened of AIDS than were dying because they had AIDS. Representatives of both organisations attacked me frequently and robustly when I disagreed.

The current enthusiasm for the climate change myth reminds me very much of the enthusiasm for the AIDS myth.

In both cases, the facts have been ignored by ignoramuses who do not realise that science is, or should be, about facts and that facts demand scientific integrity and accuracy.

In both cases, the promoters of the myth have a good deal to gain.

The global warming/global chilling/climate change myth is heavily promoted because thousands of people have a vested interest in its success.


Well, for starters, there are some pretty huge industries involved in persuading us to accept solar energy, windmills and electric cars.

All these, we are assured, will save the planet.

However, the unfortunate fact is that all these require vast amounts of energy from traditional sources (such as oil and coal).

Solar energy and windmills are negative producers of energy. (They require more energy to make and maintain than they ever produce). Electric cars require electricity produced by coal or diesel.

And there are a good many organisations and individuals who are now making very good money out of the climate change nonsense.

Truth is that it’s just another confidence trick.

AIDS was never going to kill us all.

And `climate change’ is not man made and it is not going to destroy the planet.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018