The Myth of Overpopulation

Dr Vernon Coleman

The myth that the world is overpopulated has been popular for decades. The truth is that the world is perfectly capable of providing enough food for a population of more than seven billion. The problem today is not a shortage of food but the fact that the food is frequently in the wrong place with the result that food is frequently wasted in some countries while millions starve in other parts of the world. Food production could also be increased by introducing better, simpler farming methods. Indeed, it is easier to argue that the world is under populated than that it is over populated.

The Agenda 21 followers believe the world needs far fewer people – and would like to remove 90% of the global population.

However, once individual nations start reducing their populations, how will the individual leaders trust one another?

Say, for example, that every national leader agreed that to start with he would reduce his country’s population by a modest 50%, how would they all know that the other leaders would do as they had promised? After all, politicians are not known for their honesty or their reliability. And arms reductions have never proceeded smoothly.

What if someone like President Putin of Russia decides that while every other leader is reducing their population, he will only pretend to reduce the Russian population? That could give him a huge advantage over other countries. He could end up with a population bigger than the rest of the world – and total control.

Incidentally, the individuals arguing that the world is over populated do not appear to have taken their own warnings very seriously. Prince Phillip, Prince William, Bill Gates, Boris Johnson and Stanley Johnson have a good many children between them. Indeed, thanks to Boris’s contribution, there seems to be some confusion about the grand total of children fathered by these men. Boris Johnson is reputed to have fathered numerous children (by an unknown number of women) and, like most who believe the world is over populated (such as members of the British royal family) Johnson is a hypocrite who clearly thinks that it is other people who need culling.

Taken from Endgame by Vernon Coleman. (Endgame is available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook.)

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2021