A Narrow Escape

Dr Vernon Coleman

A friend of ours who lives on the European continent recently fell ill with a fever and a number of other symptoms.

Since the symptoms he had matched those commonly associated with covid-19, he was given a PCR test. Fortunately for him the test proved negative.

When his symptoms didnít disappear, he was taken to the local hospital where investigations showed that he was suffering from a hantavirus infection.

Hantaviruses are carried by rodents, and our friend had almost certainly contracted his infection while clearing out an old barn near their home. Hantavirus infections are quite rare in humans.

Itís a good job the diagnosis was made.

Hantaviruses can be deadly.

What scares me is that if his covid-19 test had been positive (and, remember, it is widely accepted that many if not most PCR tests are false positives) he would have been classified as a covid-19 patient.

He would have probably been mistreated and allowed to die.

There would have been no post mortem.

And he would have been put down as another covid-19 death.

The unreliable PCR test is a menace to us all.

It should be abandoned.

I wonder how many hundreds of thousands of individuals have been false diagnosed and improperly or inadequately treated Ė all because they took a PCR test and had a false positive result.

Itís another covid-19 scandal to the many we already known about.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 7th 2021

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