Nauseating Greens

Vernon Coleman

Am I the only one to be nauseated by the deeply offensive, self-congratulatory, superiority and hypocrisy of the Greens?

They seem to think they are the only people who care about anything.

But they support the European Union.

And so history shows that they are supporting a Nazi creation.

They talk pseudoscientific nonsense about climate change as though they had just discovered it. Bizarrely and inexcusably, they approve of environmental terrorism.

The absurd policies these hypocritical elitists are foisting upon us are creating massive and unnecessary suffering among the poor and the elderly. It is the fault of the Greens that so many of the poor, the underprivileged and the elderly now rely on food banks and struggle to keep warm in the winter.

Heaven preserve from the evil Greens.

They are fascists and they are stupid; they are dangerous and they are wicked.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2019