Are Millennials Ignorant or Indifferent to Nazi Horrors?

Vernon Coleman

There is no doubt that millennials have no idea about the Second World War. They know nothing about Hitler, Nazis, Concentration Camps or Gas Chambers.

Maybe they are just ignorant.

Maybe they just donít care.

Last week Verena Bahlsen, the smug-looking, pleased with herself, 25-year-old heiress to German biscuit family called Bahlsen (which makes something called Choco Leibniz) announced: `Iím a capitalist. I own a quarter of Bahlsen, thatís great. I want to buy a sailing yacht and stuff like that.í

When people objected and pointed out that the company had exploited forced labourers during the War, Ms Bahlsen replied: `That was before my timeÖwe treated them well.í

She added that the company had nothing to feel guilty about.

When the world about her exploded and it was pointed out that the company had used Nazi forced labour, mostly women from the Ukraine between 1943 and 1945, Ms Bahlsen back pedalled a little and admitted that she needed to learn more about the companyís history.

She did not, however, offer to pay back any of the profits the company had made on the backs of forced labour.

These were not things that happened centuries ago.

The Nazis did appalling things in our lifetime.

And the people who did the bad, bad things and who made huge profits were never punished.

A few well-known Nazis were executed and a few imprisoned.

But most of the worst Nazis got away with their evil crimes.

They kept the money they made by using concentration camp labourers.

And with it they rebuilt Germany and created the European Union.

If you want to know more then please read The Shocking History of the EU by Zina Cohen. And give copies to all the millennials and snowflakes you know.

(All income from the sale of this book will be used to fight the EU.)

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019