Theresa May Needs Locking Up

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The Worst Prime Minister Britain Has Ever Had has ignored the result of the British people and has now ignored her own Cabinet.

Mrs May appears to have broken every promise she has made. She has lied, deceived and betrayed. If she were running a corner shop she’d be arrested for fraud.

She swore blind that she would prefer a no deal to a bad deal. Now she has rejected a no deal and appears to welcome a long delay, European elections and a Second Referendum. She looks likely to accept a customs union.

A spokesman said `The PM is determined to deliver on the vote of the British people.’

What a bloody joke.

Theresa May, a Remainer with a Remainer cabinet, is now apparently planning a deal with a socialist representing EU-loving Remainers.

It’s difficult to be surprised at anything.

She has already bribed the Northern Irish with taxpayers’ money so that she can do a deal with the NeoNazi EU.

She seems utterly desperate to avoid keeping her word to the British people and her party, and to ignore the clear result of the biggest vote in British history.

So has May gone completely potty or is she playing a very clever end game which will destroy Corbyn?

Although the Cabinet has agreed a `no deal’ exit from the EU, May wants to talk to Corbyn – to persuade him to agree to her disastrous deal.

The two of them won’t be able to agree on anything. Unless May capitulates, the meeting will be a disaster.

One scenario is that May will walk out, stand in front of Number Ten and tell the world that it is Corbyn’s fault that an agreement couldn’t be reached. `I tried,’ she will say. `Oh, how I tried.’

And it will, therefore, be the naughty Corbyn’s fault that Britain has to leave the EU without a deal being made.

Corbyn will be finished. The Marxists will loathe him. The teenage terrors in his own party will hate him.

And the Tory party will be saved from disaster.

Conservative party members and Brexiteers everywhere will love Theresa May and the Tory party.

It’s a dream scenario.

But could that happen?

No. The Worst Prime Minister Britain Has Ever Had is not clever enough to spot the play.

And she is an enthusiastic enough Remainer to be prepared to cheat the British people of their voice.

How can any citizen with dignity or loyalty or a brain still want to stay in the EU? How can anyone respect our current Prime Minister?

The only certainty after all this time is that The Worst Prime Minister Britain Has Ever Had simply doesn’t understand the will of the British people.

If she thinks that Brexiteers will abandon their dream if she keeps lying and cheating and betraying the country she professes to love then she’s wrong.

She has already split the country and created pain, misery and rifts that will take generations to heal.

The longer she continues to attempt to protect the neo-Nazis and to defeat the Brexiteers the more determined the people will become to get rid of her, her party and the EU.

If Mrs May really wants another 20 years of battling then that is what she’ll get.

In Parliament yesterday, Margaret Beckett MP suggested that The Worst Prime Minister Britain Has Ever Had needs to see a doctor.

Well, I’m a doctor and I agree with Mrs Beckett.

Our Prime Minister is behaving like a dangerous lunatic.

It is my considered opinion that she needs locking up.

Someone needs to sign a couple of forms and put her out of our misery.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 3rd 2019