Piers Corbyn Needs (and Deserves) Your Help!

Vernon Coleman

I doubt if anyone has spoken at more meetings during the last eighteen months than the charismatic and effervescent Piers Corbyn.

But printing leaflets and posters costs money even if the design work is done without charge the print shops have to be paid. And running websites is more expensive than many people might think.

I believe that Piers deserves your financial support as much as anyone in the Resistance Movement. His own forecasting work has taken a back seat as his campaigning continues.

If you can help him with just a few quid please go to www.WeatherAction.com and www.LetTheUkLive.com and make a contribution to one or the other or both.

Your payments will help ensure that Piers keeps talking and keeps handing out leaflets by the boxful.

And please tell your friends to contribute too.

Copyright Vernon Coleman August 2021