We Should Never Forgive the Remainers

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

`Any public man who at the present moment nourishes any thought except that of waging war against the enemy by the most effective means should never be forgiven by his countrymen.
Winston Churchill, June 1915

The eurocrats have made it clear that the EU is our enemy.

The eurocrats want to crush Britain in just the same way that the Germans have twice tried to crush our country.

The eurocrats want to create the United States of Europe which Hitler dreamt of creating.

And they are so desperate in their support for the Nazi dream that we must now consider ourselves to be at war.

This is a real war: the most important war for over half a century.

We are fighting for our freedom, our identity, our democracy, our culture and our future. And we are fighting people who care about nothing but victory. It is their aim to humiliate us and leave us grovelling.

It is always calamitous to underestimate the strength or determination of the enemy. But it is also calamitous to underestimate the dishonesty, the deceit and the duplicity of the enemy.

Let there be no mistake about it: we are fighting a war with the EU.

And anyone who does not support Britain and Brexit is, in my view, a traitor and should never be forgiven.

Let us mark and remember their perfidy and their treachery.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018