Vernon Coleman’s New Book `Endgame – the Hidden Agenda 21’

Dr Vernon Coleman

Below is the introduction to Vernon Coleman’s latest book `Endgame’, which is now available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook.


This is a book about the future; the future which has been designed for us by the United Nations, the followers of Agenda 21, the Global Economic Forum and those eager to further the aims of the Great Reset and take us into what they call the ‘new normal’.

This is not a history book; it is a future book; it is a book of predictions and conclusions. My forecasts since February 2020 have been proven absolutely accurate and are documented in my books, articles and videos. I decided it was time to look ahead and, based on what we know has been planned for decades, I have described the future we can expect and how their plans will impact on our lives in the years to come.

It has been clear almost since the beginning that the rules and restrictions which have been introduced will remain indefinitely. The arrival of the injections was never going to make any difference to those rules. The excuses were always predictable: the injections do not provide complete protection, that not enough people have been jabbed to protect the whole community, that the target mutates, that the effects of the jab wear off, and it has to be repeated at regular intervals and that it is not possible to produce enough of the injections to protect everyone. Testing programmes will be increased and the results will be used to justify a whole raft of new restrictions.

It is also necessary to accept that nothing is now impossible and that our new rulers are operating beyond satire. I think the wise probably realised that things may have changed permanently when in October 2020, the Welsh authorities introduced a ban on non-essential goods which at first included clothing, kettles, toasters and women’s sanitary products. Defending the ban, one politician explained that he wasn’t planning on buying any new clothes; the implication being ‘why should anyone else?’

The immediate plan, of course, is to overwhelm us, bewilder us, terrify us and force us to concentrate our energies on the leaves so that we don’t get to see the trees let alone the woods. They’ve been planning this for a long, long time, while we’ve been getting on with our lives, dealing with daily problems and ignoring the slowly developing take-over of our lives; the greatest threat there has ever been to humanity, our freedom, our democracy and our future.

They have deliberately exhausted us. They have created an unprecedented level of fear and then used restrictions and quasi laws to take control of us and to prepare us for the world they have planned.

The plan is to remove every aspect of our history and all structural obstacles. They will eliminate credit cards, cash, jobs, privacy, schools, medicine (as we know it) and democracy.

This is a carefully planned crime against humanity.

I make no apologies for the fact that the story I’m about to tell seems unbelievable. None of the predictions in this book is a result of my imagination. As difficult as it may be to believe, the events that have turned our world upside down since the start of the year 2020 have been carefully composed, orchestrated and conducted.

Everything that has happened was meant to happen.

Throughout 2020, we have been behind the battle; running to catch up but never getting anywhere close. It’s time to get ahead and look into the future.’

`Endgame’ is currently available as a paperback and an eBook on Amazon. Please click here for a link to the book on Amazon.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 19th 2021