New EU Laws

Vernon Coleman

I went into an ironmongerís shop to buy some of that stuff they used to sell to unblock drains.

'Canít sell it to you anymore,í said the man in the brown coat. 'Thereís a new law from the EU. The drain unblocking stuff can only be used by authorised persons with licences.í

I sighed. 'Just a box of matches then please.í

'Canít sell you a box of matches,í said the man. 'Not an ordinary, small box. I can only sell you this large box of cooksí matches for the kitchen.í

'But I just want a small box to keep in my pocket for lighting bonfires.í

'New law from the EU,í said the man in the brown coat with a doleful sigh.

And so day by day, inch by inch, our lives are made more difficult, more inconvenient and more expensive by pointless laws thought up by unelected bureaucrats and brought in simply because they have the power and the need to control every aspect of our lives. The EU has, in the last few years, brought in hundreds of thousands of these small, seemingly just irritating but nonetheless confining laws.

And gradually everything we do is legislated, so that in the end our lives are organised not by laws defining what we are not allowed to do but by laws which tell us what we are allowed to do.

That, of course, was how the Nazis ruled Germany.

And it was always the way the Nazis intended to run the United States of Europe.

Itís the way of fascism.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019

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