Doctors are planning an entirely new form of health care

Dr Vernon Coleman

Doctors are planning to cut back on testing and treating patients in order to save us from imaginary climate change.

But what are they planning as a replacement?

They’re planning an entirely new form of health care in which the patient takes on responsibility for testing and investigating their own symptoms and signs and, in many cases, takes on responsibility for treating themselves at home.

The wretched, unreliable, entirely misleading PCR test enabled bureaucrats and politicians to close hospitals, schools and travel facilities. It was always dangerous (I found and published evidence that people had died because of the PCR test) and it never did what it was supposed to do. But it, and other similarly useless tests, made huge sums of money and became multi-billion-dollar earners for companies in the diagnostics industry. Inevitably, however, the test has been regarded as a valuable Trojan horse. A chief executive from one company making diagnostic tests explained that the test had brought about a wider acceptance of a rapid point-of-care (POC) model.

And it is clear that under this paradigm, more diagnostic tests will in future be conducted at or near to the patient’s location.

The conspirators’ rationale behind this new development is, of course, that if patients can be tested at home, at a supermarket, or at their work, then they don’t have to use up precious fuel travelling to the hospital or a doctor’s clinic.

In the US, Walmart stores are equipped with ‘patient service centres where tests can be done and passed directly on for analysis – with the results available to read online or on a smart phone app. Even after a rogue diagnostic company called Theranos was exposed as a fraud, diagnostic start-ups in America raised $5.4 billion in 2020.

Roche, infamous to millions for its promotion of benzodiazepine tranquillisers, makes a handheld device that can detect heart failure with a small blood sample. In the old days a doctor could do this in moments. Today, doctors are too busy organising and supervising vaccination programmes to do anything as practical as listen to a patient’s chest or look at their ankles. Tests that can be conducted by technicians are now all the rage.

And if tests are too complex to perform or be read by the average patient, specially trained health care professionals (with half a day’s training in how to perform a specific test) will be deployed – as they were during the mass PCR testing programme around the world.

It’s always crucial to remember that the fundamental aim of the conspirators is to save oil by cutting down the amount of travel that ‘ordinary’ people do (leaving plenty of oil for their yachts, jets and tanks). The home testing paradigm (relying as it does on ineffective tests which will undoubtedly be misread by people who have no medical training) has the added advantage of helping to kill off huge swathes of the population.

Today, there is no doubt that the medical profession is complicit in the Government’s attack on the people it is paid to serve.

Taken from `They want your money and your life’ by Vernon Coleman – available from your local branch of Amazon.

Copyright Vernon Coleman December 2023