Vote for Piers Corbyn – the New Mayor of London

Dr Vernon Coleman

A number of heroes have emerged in the UK during the last twelve months. None has been more heroic than Piers Corbyn, a tenacious, consistent and courageous freedom fighter who has braved scorn and defied what I consider to be unwarranted police activity.

When this war is won and the wicked are languishing in prison, awaiting their fate, Piers will be carried high through the streets of London. There will, I hope, be a statue to commemorate his skill, oratory and determination.

Piers is standing in the London mayoral elections in May.

The present incumbent has been an even greater disgrace than his predecessors. Sadiq Khan has, in my view, damned near destroyed the UK’s capital city. I have no idea whether this was done through blind allegiance to Agenda 21 or through callous indifference to the facts. Whatever the explanation, Khan seems to believe in the covid-19 hoax and is, therefore, entirely unsuitable for political office.

Londoners must vote for change.

And the only candidate worth electing is Piers Corbyn – a man to bring honour, decency, respect and dignity back to the capital and back to politics.

If you live in London please make sure you vote for Piers Corbyn in the forthcoming elections. If you have relatives or friends living in London make sure that they know that Piers is standing and desperately needs their votes.

I am honoured to say that Piers has invited me to be his main health policy advisor when he is elected. It will be a privilege to serve.

Please vote for all `Let London Live’ candidates.

This is, I firmly believe, the only way to free London from the tyranny under which it has laboured in recent years.

Even if you tend to regard all politicians as rabid and rancid thieves (which I confess I do) please make an exception for the excellent Piers Corbyn and his fellow `Let London Live’ candidates.

Piers will make a magnificent Mayor of London.

And with me as his main health policy advisor, you can imagine what the covid-19 policy will be like: no lockdowns, no social distancing, no masks, no vaccines and no digital passports.

Isn’t that something worth voting for?

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2021