Newspapers are Finished (Hoorah!)

Dr Vernon Coleman

We spent an hour or so at the beach at a busy seaside resort. There were around 2,000 people sitting or lying around on the sand or on benches or deckchairs. I estimate that at least 50% were studying their smart phones. I saw four people reading books and one solitary person reading a newspaper.

A couple of years ago the number of people reading papers would have been in the hundreds.

Itís not surprising that the UKís newspapers are failing fast Ė they have failed their public and they deserve to `dieí.

The latest circulation figures for some of the national papers are as follows with the first figure being for 2021, the second figure for 2020 and the third figure for 2000.

I wonder how many of these papers would have survived this long without Government advertising paid for with taxpayersí money.

Daily Mail: 980,019 1,169,241, 2,353,915
Daily Express: 238,230, 296,079, 1,050,846
Daily Star: 220,126, 277,237, 502,647
The Guardian: 108,687, 132,341, 401,560
Financial Times: 97,067, 157,982, 435,478

Figures arenít available for some newspapers. Iím not surprised.

But I hope the figures above give you a big smile.

Newspapers in the UK have committed commercial suicide.

And I suspect the same is true around the world.

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 2021

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