News The BBC Probably Didn't Bring You (Vol 3)

Vernon Coleman

The BBC is Britain's State owned broadcaster. It is funded by citizens who are controversially forced to pay an annual television licence fee (effectively an involuntary tax) whether or not they watch any BBC programmes. The BBC (known to some as the Blair Broadcasting Corporation and to others as the Bent Broadcasting Corporation) has consistently failed to address serious issues or to question the establishment on important issues. The BBC seems to many to be pro-Government, pro-EU, pro-war, pro-vivisection and pro-science establishment; it employs some of the worst and most incompetent reporters and presenters in the country. Here are some of the recent news stories you probably didn't hear reported on the BBC.

1. Surveys show that the USA is now regarded as the most unfriendly country in the world for international travellers. Tourists and businessmen are put off travelling to America not by the risk of terrorism but by the arrogant and aggressive attitudes of border guards.

2. Tony Blair supports the European Union and opposes an English Parliament on the alleged grounds that it is the trend these days for countries to merge into larger states. Is Britain's Prime Minister really unaware of what has happened in recent years in the USSR, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia? The European Union is the only part of the world where countries are being forced (and tricked) into losing their identity and being forcibly merged into a larger state.

3. When the nauseating Scotsman Gordon Brown announced that his child suffered from cystic fibrosis he was swamped with sympathy and support from the sycophantic British media. I feel sorry for the child but not for Brown. I can't help feeling that the announcement (and accompanying photographs of the nauseating politician clutching his vote winning child) was just another piece of cynical and manipulative spin, designed to attract sympathy and therefore voter support. Will Brown tell voters what vaccinations his child has had? I suspect not. When it comes to vaccinations Brown, like his war criminal colleague Blair, will suddenly decide that everything to do with his family is `private'. In my view Gordon Brown is an evil, malignant Scottish bastard who has destroyed the British economy. No sentient creature should feel sorry for him. Brown, let us remember, supported Blair's wars and is, therefore, just as much a war criminal as his Downing Street neighbour. Brown is responsible for the deaths of countless thousands of innocent children in Iraq and Afghanistan. His wicked policies are also responsible for the fact that millions of pensioners, who worked and saved hard all their lives, will spend their final years in penury; shivering in the cold and eventually starving to death. In 1997, Scotsman Gordon Brown took a huge bite out of British pensions. I forecast, in 1997, that this would be a massive and enduring problem for British pensioners. Sadly, this has proved to be the case. It is estimated that Brown's tax changes took between 100 and 150 billion out of pension funds. It is the mean-spirited Scotsman Brown who has destroyed the hopes and futures of British pensioners. And it is because of Brown's policies that many younger Britons no longer contribute to pension schemes. Thanks to Brown, Britain's economic future grows bleaker by the day.

4. Travellers passing through Heathrow who are prepared to allow their eyes and faces to be scanned, and their fingerprints to be taken, are allowed to go through the airport faster than other passengers. So, in essence, the state is now bribing passengers to give up their privacy to save a few minutes (or hours) at the airport. More evidence that we're living in a fascist country.

5. A YouGov survey published in the Daily Telegraph this month reports that 48% of Britons believe there is a danger of information on ID cards being divulged improperly, 37% fear that information kept on any national database would be inaccurate and unreliable, 28% of Britons say they would rather pay a fine rather than accept a card and 7% would even be prepared to go to prison rather than be forced to buy an ID card.

6. If a female bank clerk is murdered the headline will be `Woman slain'. If a prostitute is murdered the headline will be `Prostitute slain'. Why do the police always give the profession of murder victims who are prostitutes? And why do the media always report it? Both groups sometimes seem to suggest that prostitutes are of lesser value than other human beings.

7. A clinical trial enquiry has been told that the new drug (known as TGN1412), which produced a national outcry when it caused one human guinea pig to turn into a so-called `elephant man', had been tested on monkeys without any dangerous results being observed. This, it is claimed, happened despite the fact that monkeys are alleged to have very similar immune systems to human beings. How much more evidence does the world need to prove that experiments on animals give dangerously misleading results which can never be safely applied to human patients?

8. Less than a third of the extra 5.5 billion poured into the NHS in 2005 was spent on patients. The other two thirds of the taxpayers' cash was largely spent on paying higher prices for existing drugs and higher salaries for administrators and bureaucrats. The NHS now costs taxpayers 84,000,000,000 a year. That is 1,400 per man, woman and child in Britain. If the NHS was disbanded and the money distributed back to citizens - with the proviso that it must be spent on private health insurance - everyone (except drug companies and NHS bureaucrats) would be much better off.

9. The number of deaths in accidents involving police vehicles rose in 2005. During 2005, a total of 45 innocent citizens were killed by vehicles driven by policemen. This is a five fold increase since 1997 (when the Labour Party was first elected to power). As many motorists will confirm, police drivers are often the most reckless, arrogant and poorly behaved of all those on the roads. Our roads would be safer with fewer speed cameras and fewer police cars on the roads.

10. It has recently been reported that Kent has been designated part of France on a new EU map. This was, in fact, first reported in my book England Our England four years ago back in 2002.

11. A poll of British business executives conducted for the Confederation of British Industry, showed that one in five companies have already relocated some of their activities overseas while another third are considering doing so. Most companies quitting Britain are doing so because the Labour Government has introduced many new taxes and a mass of red tape. According to business leaders the UK is becoming increasingly less attractive as a business location. The reduction in corporate taxes received must inevitably mean that the Government will have to raise personal taxes and stealth taxes.

12. The Labour Government is paying single parents 100 a week more in benefits than it pays young couples. (Here is yet more evidence that the Government is, for its own political reasons, determined to destroy the family unit.)

13. The real unemployment figure in Britain is now 5.4 million and NOT the 1 million claimed by the Government's spin doctors. Millions of people choose to claim benefits rather than take jobs because they are better off on benefits than they would be if they worked.

14. When anyone in Britain dies today, details of every penny they owned must be sent to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Even when their estate has no liability to Inheritance Tax the authorities are now claiming that they are entitled to see all the details. Up until recently the tax authorities were only entitled to be informed about a dead person's estate if the total exceeded the Inheritance Tax threshold. New legislation slipped through recently changed the rules. Why does the Government want to snoop on dead people? Why does HMRC insist on knowing about our untaxable assets? Why is our time and money being wasted on such an intrusion into our privacy? More fascism in action.

15. `...We are, possibly, the most snooped-upon individuals on the planet, perhaps with the exception of North Korea.'
Investors Chronicle.

16. How many women who clamour for collagen injections know where collagen comes from? Collagen is made from scrapings taken from the inside of animal skins.

17. Local rubbish dumps are being equipped with spy cameras so that councils can see what people are throwing away. Authorities are doing this because they believe that when dustmen only collect once a fortnight (and households are limited to one or two bags per house) some people may be tempted to take extra rubbish to the local tip. Councils in Britain are already fining people who overfill wheelie bins, put the wrong sort of rubbish in a rubbish container, put rubbish out on the wrong day, put personal rubbish in public collecting receptacles or fail to follow complex (and largely pointless) recycling rules. Microchips in rubbish bins enable councils to identify how much rubbish people throw away (and will, in due course, enable councils to charge householders for every pound of rubbish they discard). The new cameras at municipal tips will enable councils to check on who is throwing what away. In due course, bills will probably be sent out to householders who use public tips. Some local authorities have already announced that they have authorised their staff to rummage through rubbish to find bank statements and other items providing personal information. (This is, of course, a gift to identity thieves.) Councils claim that they are entitled to go through rubbish left on the public highway. Some councils refuse to take away material which has been shredded. (Presumably because it is more difficult to discover identifying material when documents have been shredded.)

18. As already forecast on this website and in various books, a new generation of CCTV cameras are equipped with microphones which can pick up conversations 100 yards away. The new cameras will enable official snoopers to listen to private conversations held in public places.

19. A senior British police officer has called for police to be given the power to censor wording on placards and banners carried at demonstrations.

20. The Centre for Policy Studies claims that Britain's national debt is three times as big as the Treasury claims. The Centre says that if public sector pension liabilities and private finance initiative liabilities are added to total borrowings (as they obviously should be) the total Government debt accumulated by nasty Scotsman Gordon Brown amounts to 1,340 billion and not the 486 billion which the Scotsman claims.

21. `There is an entire planetary mass of information that shows Western diets are associated with an increased risks of cancer, and vegetarian diets and traditional Eastern diets are protective.' Professor Jonathan Waxman, Professor of Oncology, Hammersmith Hospital, London.
(Adverts for my book Food for Thought are still banned by many publications - including Private Eye - because they point out that the book contains evidence that meat causes cancer.)

22. `Is it really beyond the collective wits of the Government and the health administrators to deal with this problem (of single sex wards)? It's not just a question of money. It's a question of politcal will.'
That was British Prime Minister Tony Blair speaking in 1996 and demanding that the last Conservative Government abolish mixed-sex wards.
A survey of British hospitals by the Healthcare Commission in 2006 showed that with Tony Blair in charge, 22% of patients have to stay in mixed-sex facilities. In some hospitals 60% of patients are in mixed-sex wards. Even new hospitals have mixed-sex wards.
As far as we are aware, the Prime Minister's wife Cherie Blair has never had to stay in a mixed-sex ward. We seem to remember that the last time she was in an NHS hospital she had a ward to herself.

23. A tribunal has insisted that working mothers in the police force must be given the right to receive bonus payments for working at night even though they only do day shifts. The tribunal claimed that it isn't right to deny women officers special night time allowances just because they prefer not to work at night. If this ruling is extended to all public and private sector workers it will cost the country billions of pounds. It will also mean that employers will effectively not be allowed to offer incentives or extra payments to those prepared to work at night. And that, of course, will mean that no one will work at night.

24. The Lancet has reported that the death toll in Iraq now exceeds 650,000. This is the same as the number of Britons who died in the First World War and it is more than the number of Britons (including both military and civilians) who died in the Second World War. This surely makes George Bush and Tony Blair the greatest war criminals of all time.

25. Politicians (and journalists who support them) now claim that there are low turnouts at elections these days because people are content and feel no need to express their opinions. This, of course, is nonsense. There are low turnouts at elections because there are no differences between the major political parties, because our electoral system means that (on the whole) only candidates of the three big parties are likely to get elected and because the attitudes of leading politicians mean that the majority of British citizens now feel disenfranchised. Only when the three party system is smashed will democracy return to Fascist Britain.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 12th December 2006

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