New War Order
Israel, Gaza and World War III: Uncomfortable Truths

Dr Vernon Coleman

We are hurtling towards the precipice.

Israel’s grotesque truly wicked and inhuman slaughter of the people of Gaza, an ethnic cleansing if ever I saw one, is, I fear, not what it appears to be.

It is, I suspect, far more than a simple, inhuman retaliation in response to what we are asked to believe was an unexpected terrorist attack.

The New World Order has become the New War Order. Everything is going according to plan. Nothing is happening by accident. We had the artificial pestilence. We have the very real famine – with countless millions dying around the world. And now we have the war: or, rather, a portfolio of wars.

I suspect that we’ll never know precisely how this new war was triggered, any more than we’ll ever know precisely what happened prior to the events of September 11th, but I suspect that the Israelis have been suckered into playing a vital part in the rocky road towards mass starvation, global economic ruin and the nuclear war which I forecast a couple of years ago, to the amusement of many who said it would never happen, and which will itself take us seamlessly into the Great Reset.

Outstanding hubris, anger, ambition, greed, a lack of empathy, a lasting sense of injustice at being settled in the only bit of the Middle East with no oil under it, and an extraordinary sense of self-importance and self-righteousness have combined to make Israel lose all sense of proportion and decency and behave in a way which is arousing global dismay and loathing.

If Hamas is a terrorist group then Israel is clearly a terrorist country. If bombing innocent civilians is an act of terrorism (which, of course, it is) then how else can Israel now be described – other than as a rogue, terrorist state?

If a man kills someone I care about, am I entitled to kill not him but the people around him, innocent people who just happen to live in the same town? Of course not. Israel has gone rogue.

The only certainties are that thousands of truly innocent Palestinians are being slaughtered, and the Israelis are doing the exterminating – claiming, with extraordinary hyperbole, that the Hamas attack was the equivalent of 9/11 and Pearl Harbour.

Has Israel been suckered into destroying itself by launching the most indefensible slaughter of modern times and, in doing so, taking us all closer than ever to the end of humanity?

What is happening is so awful that in the UK prominent Jews have felt the need to remind Israel of its obligations under international law. Eight eminent British Jewish lawyers said that `some aspects of Israel’s response already cause significant concern’.

Jews are concerned that holding a population under siege and punishing a whole population for the acts of a few is a grave violation of international law.

Well, of course it is. But the fact that even eminent Jews are beginning to criticise Israeli policies should give even the most deranged supporters of Israel reason to pause and think.

The US and the UK are usually quick to investigate what they see as atrocities and war crimes. But they do not investigate, or care, when Israel is clearly guilty of a seemingly endless series of cut and dried war crimes. Moreover, it seems that it is now pretty well illegal to oppose Israel’s actions or to support or show sympathy towards the Palestinians. Biden and Sunak and so on are cheering Israel’s illegal actions, and the mainstream media is cheering them on and pushing us towards the war their handlers want.

I have never been as ashamed of my country, and of the world as a whole, as I am today. My heart bleeds for the millions of innocent people who are imprisoned in the open air concentration camp which is known as Gaza. I cannot keep quiet and say nothing.

The mainstream media is, of course, suppressing the truth about the conflict between Israel and Palestine and has leant over forwards, backwards and sideways to make it clear that their sympathies and allegiance lie with Israel – whatever war crimes they commit. Just as in the fake covid plague, the truth is being constantly suppressed. Politicians and journalists are terrified of being attacked as holocaust deniers, or labelled anti-Semitic, and so they are, as always these days, suppressing truths, avoiding history and supporting another yet another war – a war that is destined to be part of the ever-developing Third World War which I warned about a lifetime ago, in the early days of 2022. We are entering the New War Order and the liars, the cheats, the fraudsters and the war criminals have pretty much taken control.

(It should not be necessary to point out, but I will, that I am neither a holocaust denier or anti-Semitic. I do, however, describe myself as a truth-teller. I am totally opposed to all terrorism, cruelty, fear-making and killing. And I no longer believe anything produced by the mainstream media. The BBC, of course, seems, as usual, to be the poster child for misinformation and disinformation.)

In our bizarre new world, a world where freedom of speech is merely a memory, it is now pretty well forbidden to criticise Israel in any way. Anyone who dares to do so risks being labelled anti-Semitic, a holocaust denier or a terrorist supporter. Those who dared speak out in defence of Palestinians have been exposed, criticised and attacked mercilessly for daring to share views considered unacceptable by Israel and its supporters.

But here are the things I believe with all my Christian heart. Since I am banned from all mainstream media, all social media and most of the internet this is the only place I can share my thoughts.

So, here are truths and fears you won’t find on any mainstream media. Please direct people to this website to read this article. Remember I am banned from all mainstream media, most of the internet and all social media. And my other website ( no longer exists. Sadly, I am afraid it isn’t possible to select and share items on this website. This is a problem outside my control. But please direct people to the site if you’d like them to read this article.

1. I believe Hamas was wrong to target non-combatant civilians. I believe it was a tactical and strategic error which cost them the moral high ground which was theirs for the taking. The attackers should have concentrated on military targets. (I include senior politicians as military.) Sadly, Israel has followed Hamas’s bad example and if Hamas is a terrorist group then Israel must be considered a terrorist nation – a rogue state.

2. I believe that the US and the UK have made things infinitely worse for the people of Gaza. Once again the US and the UK have, inevitably, interfered in a conflict which has absolutely nothing to do with them. Both countries, together with NATO and the EU, made things far worse in Ukraine, massively increasing the mortality and morbidity figures. NATO’s actions there have helped destroy an entire nation and put the world on the brink of World War III – the first Nuclear War. Both the UK and the US have committed war crimes in their cold-blooded support of Ukraine and the globalist cause – the body strewn road to the Great Reset. I believe that Biden and Sunak will, in due course, be tried alongside Blair, Bush and others for their heinous crimes. The actions of the US and the UK in recent days have been even more obscene. Both the US and the UK refused to back a UN resolution for humanitarian aid to be provided to the innocent citizens of Gaza. (The US actually opposed the resolution, guaranteeing the deaths of untold numbers of Palestinian and Christian children in Gaza. The UK, wringing its hands, merely abstained.)

3. I believe that nothing is happening by accident. Everything is part of a Plan. And the Plan is to take us quietly and speedily into the New World Order – which I have now renamed the New War Order.

4. I do not believe anything the mainstream media tells me about what is happening in and around Israel. And I know that in just about every war for a century, combatants have accused their enemies of killing or eating babies. Babies always make a useful propaganda tool. I do believe that blockading Gaza and deliberately withholding food, water and fuel from innocent citizens is one of the most serious war crimes in history.

5. I believe that throughout this new war, the latest tributary in the river of blood organised by the conspiratorial globalists, the emphasis in the mainstream media has been on defending Israel and repeatedly drawing attention to Israeli deaths rather than deaths of Palestinians. When a hospital was destroyed (killing around 500 people), political leaders and the media did not wait for evidence or an inquiry but immediately accepted the Israeli’s absurd excuse that the bombing was nothing to do with them. (`Nothing to do with me, guv.’ `I was miles away at the time.’ `And by the way the dog ate my homework.’) I can only assume that the journalists who accepted this fantasy also believe in the tooth fairy. Do those who believed Israel’s claim not know that before the bombing, Israel had ordered a score of hospitals in Gaza to evacuate all their patients within 24 hours – and had previously attacked hospitals and ambulances? Israeli friendly journalists also claimed that the hospital had not been bombed at all and that there had been very few casualties. They were lying. Israel has bombed churches and residential buildings as though they are entitled to be immune to criticism and should be treated as special or `chosen’ to ignore basic rules of behaviour. For heaven’s sake, Israel has bombed a Christian church (one of the oldest of all Christian churches) where people were sheltering in what they thought was safety.

6. I believe that before 1948, the whole of what is now known as Israel belonged to Palestine. What do you think Israel was before it was Israel? It wasn’t just a big chunk of no man’s land. Just ask yourself how the Scots would react if everything to the West of Glasgow were taken by, say, a bunch of Presbyterians so that they could create a new country. Or how would the Texans react if a big chunk of Texas suddenly belonged to several million Methodists? Might they, perhaps, be a trifle peeved? I’m just trying to put things into some sort of perspective from the point of view of an impartial observer.

7. I believe that in the seven decades since 1948, Israel has greedily and determinedly worked towards extending its borders. The term `ethnic cleansing’ is impossible to ignore. I suspect that in the last three quarters of a century, Israel has committed more war crimes than any other country. The victims have invariably been Palestinians. Check out the history (but don’t try relying on mainstream media, Wikipedia or YouTube where all you will find is a toxic mixture of propaganda and prejudice). Israel has 6,000 Palestinians in prison. How many are political prisoners? I understand that Israel has refused to exchange its hostages for the ones being held by Hamas.

8. I suspect that hardly anyone outside insane asylums or government offices believes the official story about 9/11 – which was used to bring us Homeland Security, the catastrophic loss of freedom and free speech, massive fear, a loathing of Islam and the widespread and unending War on Terror. Think carefully about how the original Hamas attack (which I obviously condemn unequivocally) can (and almost certainly will) be used to benefit Israel and the globalists. Look at the history of Israel, the ruthlessness of Israeli leaders and the role of terrorism in Israel’s history. Oh and I believe that Netanyahu was very unpopular with his own voters before the attack on Israel. No country ever dumps a war time leader.

9. I believe it is possible that what is happening in Gaza is a preview of what is going to happen to the rest of the world. The people of Gaza have been persecuted for years. They have been denied all basic human rights by their Israeli neighbours. Inevitably, the oppression has led to more extremism. What if what has happened to the Palestinians in Gaza is what the globalists are planning for the rest of us? Think of Gaza (little more than an open air prison) as an experiment in 15 or 20 minute cities – a model city for global extremism and mass genocide.

10. I believe that the apparent insanity of politicians such as Biden and Sunak (and, indeed, just about every other politician in the world) is merely a sign of how the globalists control the world. In the UK, Sunak, without public or parliamentary support, announced that the British people would support Israel forever. Note that final word. Forever. And yet Britain (which is incidentally a communist country if the word has any meaning whatsoever) surely now has more Muslims than Christians and, as mosques spring up and churches are sold off to property developers, can probably be more properly defined as a Muslim country than as a Christian country. By siding with Israel, the war criminal Sunak (remember the depleted uranium shells sent to Ukraine) has ensured that the British will be targeted by Muslim extremists. Did MI5 expect us to be astonished by their `wisdom’ when they announced that Britain will now become a target for angry, radicalised Muslims? What the hell did anyone expect? Our Government has allowed virtually unlimited immigration. The one thing I can guarantee is that as a result of our being a target, there will be new restrictions on our freedom. Incidentally, was I the only one to notice that when Netanyahu met Biden he wore a smart suit and tie but when he met the British Prime Minister he wore an open necked shirt? These things are significant and it seemed disrespectful – particularly since Sunak was (without authority) promising that the UK will stand with Israel.

11. I believe that the pictures of Gaza show an area which shows the savage result of carpet bombing.

12. I believe that the situation in the Middle East is going to result in higher (much higher) oil prices again this winter. It’s worth remembering that half a century ago the Yom Kippur War led to the oil crisis of the 1970s. Inflation (as I predicted in 2020, 2021 and 2022) is going to soar. Interest rates will rise (as I repeatedly predicted, and as the globalists require). And the recession throughout the world will be deep and long. Corruption and what seems like political chaos (but is deliberate) will increase. The values of houses and shares will continue to fall. None of this is accidental. The number of people dying of the cold in the UK this coming winter will exceed by a factor of at least 100, and probably 1,000, the number who died of the heat in the allegedly hot summer which the climate change nutters claim we endured but which no one can remember noticing as we all concentrated on deciding how long to delay putting on the central heating. (Tired of shivering, we put our heating on in July.) I believe that the winter of 2023/4 is going to be colder than usual because the sun has been deliberately dimmed by globalists spraying toxic substances into the stratosphere in the guise of protecting us against climate change. And with the sun dimmed, solar panels aren’t going to work very well.

13. I believe that the Russians who are fighting for survival against NATO forces which are using Ukraine as an excuse for World War III, and the Hamas fighters seem prepared to die for what they believe. Why are Western forces getting involved in these elements of World War Three? British soldiers are now fighting in Ukraine, and Sunak (now a war criminal) is supplying illegal weapons on behalf of the British people. The Americans and Britain are sending forces to help Israel. Both Britain and the US are effectively bankrupt and cannot afford to make or supply forces or weapons to anyone. How many Western soldiers have the same level of commitment as the local fighters? Why do Western leaders feel the need to involve their countries in other people’s wars – inevitably making things worse? Insane politicians in the US want to start a war with China too – though China has 200 times as many naval ships as America. Israel seems to me to want a war with all the Arab countries and the West is offering permanent support. The plan seems to be to kill billions of soldiers and civilians. If the war in the Middle East continues, the risk of nuclear weapons being used increases dramatically. If Iran uses a small nuclear bomb on Israel will not Israel use a large one on Iran? If Israel nukes an Arab country do they think it will go unnoticed? Will the US and UK support the use of nukes? Both Biden and Sunak seem to say so. The escalation seems inevitable.

14. The North Koreans are rattling their sabres and the Chinese are licking their lips at the prospect of helping themselves to Taiwan when Biden has run out of money, men and bullets. The Israelis seem to want a war with everyone in the Middle East. They are ignoring international law which allows only for `necessary and proportionate force in self-defence’. Iran is backed by Russia and Israel is backed by the West. You can see the awful possibilities. There are many other wars currently taking place around the world.

15. I believe that killing billions of people with a global war will help provide distraction from the destruction of cash, the genocide in hospitals, the complete loss of freedom and freedom of speech, the destruction of health care and the consequences of jabbing billions with a toxic vaccine that doesn’t do what it was said to do but which does kill people. What is currently happening in Gaza will inevitably incite more violence, and more terrorism. Do Israel’s leaders have any sort of plan or are they just so full of rage and self-importance that they think they can do whatever they like – egged on by Biden and Sunak et al? The slaughter in Gaza will result in deaths around the world.

16. And, incidentally, let us put everything in perspective: I believe that the covid-19 vaccine has killed and injured far more people than have died in Israel and Palestine combined. Actually, I suspect that the covid-19 vaccine has already killed and injured more people than the war in Ukraine. The main beneficiaries of World War III must include the drug companies and doctors who vaccinated the world with a toxic drug that didn’t do what they said it would do – and whose handiwork can now be hidden among the killing fields of the New War Order. I believe the fake covid pandemic was used to break people, to create fear and to enable the authorities to trick billions into accepting a toxic vaccine that didn’t do what it was supposed to do, but does kill people. And I believe that the conspirators are now moving in for the kill.

17. We are heading for the precipice at breakneck speed. The global economy is heading for a bigger crash than even pessimists feared. We are heading for financial Armageddon. Oil and gas prices will soar. Inflation will soar. Interest rates will soar. Food will become scarce and prices will inevitably soar. This has all been obvious for so, so long. Check my old videos and my book `They want your money and your life’ if you don’t believe me. If you want to know more about the globalists’ evil `plan’, and to understand the background to what is happening please read my book `Their Terrifying Plan’. To purchase a copy click HERE You can buy a copy of `They want your money and your life’ by clicking HERE

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