Is the NHS Refusing To Treat Jews and Gays?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

No, of course it isnít. Not even the most arrogant little jumped up NHS pencil pusher would dare suggest refusing to treat Jews and Gays.

But they do want to leave the old folk to die.

So, thatís OK then.

According to the BBC, the Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group (a bunch of NHS managers) have allegedly issued a document telling GPs and nursing homes that vulnerable people may not be admitted to hospital for treatment if they contract the coronavirus. Indeed, one GP apparently told a care home manager that no residents aged over 75 would be admitted to hospital.

It was always going to happen.

The Nazis did it Ė regarding old folk as worthless and an expensive nuisance. Why bother to feed people who canít put in a good dayís work in the salt mines?

Now the NHS wants to kill off the old folk.

Old people who fall over and break limbs will presumably be left to die in pain. Any old person careless enough to have a heart attack will just be left to rot.

Regular readers of this page will know that I predicted that this would happen when this coronavirus fiasco started Ė and was mocked for doing so.

`Oh no, no one would do anything like that,í said the morons on the internet.

I wonder what older MPs think of this? And, remember: a big chunk of the House of Lords is over 75. The only really loveable members of the Royal family are well into the danger area.

It used to be only actresses who lied about their age.

Now, we old folk will all have to lie about our age if we want the NHS to look after us.

I realise that it is, so far, only one part of the NHS which wants to leave the old folk to die. But this will spread if we donít stop it.

If this report is true then the bastards in Brighton and Hove who are responsible for this Nazi-style policy should be named and fired immediately for gross and unforgiveable inhumanity.

This isnít one of those administrative errors that can be forgotten with some sort of mealy mouthed explanation.

No decent society in history has ever treated its old folk this badly.

And whatís behind all this hysteria?

Itís not the bloody plague.

Iím not the only doctor who believes that the coronavirus is almost certainly nothing more than a jumped up version of the flu with a better marketing strategy.

You might like to compare my track record (listed on the front page of this website) with that of Neil Ferguson, the mathematician famous for the foot and mouth fiasco whose conclusions and predictions appear to be responsible for the stupid, stupid lockdown which is destroying this benighted country.

P.S. If you are over 60 and feeling angry and feisty read my book, The Kick-Ass A-Z for over 60s It's on Amazon as a paperback and ebook. Copyright Vernon Coleman 3rd April 2020