No Deal? Thatíll Do Nicely, Thank You

Vernon Coleman

Lying, cheating, scheming Remainers are claiming that if we leave the EU without a deal then we will all lose our jobs and die of starvation. There will, they say, be no more aeroplanes, no trains, no petrol and no food in the shops.

Itís all a stonking great lie, of course. None of this would happen. (Any more than the Millennium Bug created chaos as 1999 turned into 2000.)

Itís part of the Project Fear which the Government has been running for two years.

The fact is that leaving the EU without a deal would be bad only for the European Union.

Britain would thrive. But EU members would suffer enormously.

Remember: the EU exports far more to us than we export to them. And European Governments, banks and businesses will be in jeopardy if we quit the EU without a deal being made. France and Germany will suffer dramatically.

Even the Bank of England has warned that the EU will suffer dramatically if we leave without a deal.

I think we are supposed to feel sorry for the EU Ė and refrain from doing anything which might harm EU countries.

Well, I for one, no longer give a stuff if the EU suffers.

In fact, to be honest, I rather hope the EU goes bankrupt and disappears.

If Theresa May and her much loathed Government cared one jot for Britain they would immediately announce that we would be leaving the EU without a deal.

The EU would squeal and scream and beg.

And then it would be our turn to be tough.

Unfortunately, to do this we would need a Prime Minister who cared for Britain and who had the balls required.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 19th 2018