The UK No Longer Exists

Vernon Coleman

Have you noticed how quietly and cleverly they did it?

The EU has for years been trying to break up the UK.

The Welsh and Scottish `Parliaments’ were set up along EU guidelines.

And although you wouldn’t know it, those so-called `Parliaments’ are in reality no more than regional bodies. (The EU wanted to set up 11 regional bodies in England but the English voters in the North of England rejected the idea when it was proposed by Blair’s Government. In London there a sort-of regional `Parliament’ but it is called an Assembly.)

But now, using the coronavirus false crisis as a cover, the UK has been broken into three.

The leaders of the Scottish and Welsh parliaments have announced that they will decide when lockdown ends in their countries.

Boris controls England. But he no longer controls what happens in Scotland or Wales.

The UK is now just a piece of history.

They did it very quietly didn’t they?

Almost no one noticed.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 9th 2020

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