Why No `Proper’ Country Can Make the Covid 19 Vaccination Mandatory

Dr Vernon Coleman

I have no doubt that a few tin-pot dictatorships will make covid-19 vaccination mandatory – if for no other reason that in doing so the dictators concerned will win brownie points (and huge sums of money) from the global elite.

But no country with a passing connection with democracy can possibly make vaccinations mandatory for the following reasons:

1) There are a lot of people who cannot take the vaccine because they have previously had an anaphylactic shock reaction (or for some other medical or religious reason).
2) The vaccines are not approved and licensed. They have provisional, emergency licences.
3) The vaccines are experimental until 2023. No doctor or government can predict what damage will be done by the vaccines.
4) Drug companies and doctors have no liability. So who can be sued if serious adverse events (including death) result from vaccination?
5) Doctors are not ensuring that patients give informed consent. Hardly any of the patients who have been vaccinated have given proper consent because they have not been informed about the nature of the vaccine and the true risks associated with it. Doctors who give experimental treatment without ensuring that patients are given proper, informed consent are breaking the law.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 24th 2021