You are not alone!

Dr Vernon Coleman

Right from the start of the fake pandemic I ended my videos with the line: `You are not alone, more and more people are waking up and once they awake they don’t go back to sleep.’

Well, here is some proof of the truth of that statement:

Every month the number of people visiting my two websites increases.

Here, for example, are the figures for the traffic to the newer of my two websites – – during March 2023

United Kingdom: Traffic during March 2023 was 7,901,769

United States: Traffic during March 2023 was 6,925,968

Canada: Traffic during March 2023 was 1,814,978

Germany: Traffic during March 2023 was 1,710,055

Rest of the World: Traffic during March 2023 was 8,595,223

That means that the total traffic for March 2023 for alone was 26,948,003 which is considerably higher than the traffic for many mainstream media sites.

Thanks to everyone who visits my websites. Please tell your friends. My aim is simply to share the truth and to overwhelm the evil plans of their globalists, the conspirators and the collaborators. There have never been, and never will be, any fees or advertisements, no requests for donations and none of those interminable requests for upgrades and extensions (which always remind me of Groucho and Chico in `At the Races’). Naturally, however, if you feel a wild, irresistible urge to buy one of my books I won’t try to stop you. There are bookshops on both sites. Please feel free to browse. The bookshops are open 24 hours a day and open weekends and bank holidays too.

I am banned from ALL social media sites and from the censorious YouTube which opposes free speech and suppresses inconvenient truths. Facebook told me I was too dangerous to be allowed to join their `community’.

But you can find the uncensored truth on my websites.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2023