Britain Needs a General Election Not a Referendum

Vernon Coleman

Remainers and bent organisations such as the BBC always claim that the Referendum vote was a close run thing. It wasnít.

If the referendum had been a general election, the Brexiteers would have won 408 seats and the Remainers would have had 242 seats.

Thatís a landslide.

The problem is that of the 650 MPs in Parliament, a massive 483 are Remainers. Our democracy rests upon a system which relies on the House of Commons but Parliament is completely out of touch with the people.

So we need a general election not a referendum.

And we need the candidates to state whether they will vote for or against leaving the EU with No Deal.

Thatís it. Simple. Even prospective MPs ought to be able to understand it.

And then the people vote.

Itís single issue politics.

The people choose a candidate according to whether he will vote to quit the EU or vote to stay.

For the moment, nothing else matters.

And then we can leave the damned European Union because Leavers will win a landslide victory.

And once we have left the EU we can have another general election to select MPs according to the usual rules.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019