Too many Lies, not enough Truths

Dr Vernon Coleman

The future is far, far bleaker for the world than politicians anywhere are prepared to admit. The pressures forcing us into the Great Reset are remorseless. Here are some more examples of how we are being forced into slavery and poverty – and a world where we will own nothing.

1. Left wingers are now pushing for the minimum wage in the UK to be £15 per hour. If they succeed with this then I can pretty well guarantee that there will be no care homes, no pubs, no cafes, no hotels and (apart from the ones which sell a prawn cocktail for £85) no restaurants. Pushing for massive pay rises is guaranteed to push up inflation even higher, force the Government to keep increasing interest rates and destroy the economy. All this will lead us directly into the Great Reset.

2. Banks are desperately working hard to get rid of cash. The ATMs outside banks are often empty these days (and I don’t believe that is entirely down to sloppiness or incompetence) and some banks refuse to provide change. The other day one bank teller told me that his branch didn’t have any change at all. This, in turn, forces customers to use plastic cards to pay for car parking, coffees, newspaper and so on. It’s all part of a ruthless plan to remove cash from the economy completely – just as I warned in March 2020.

3. The average cost of energy in the UK is forecast to reach £6,500 per home by April 2023. And only the optimistic think it will stop there. The Belgian Prime Minister (who apparently hasn’t been spending his time partying with topless women) predicts that the next five to ten winters will be `difficult’ as energy prices continue to soar – and stay high. I doubt if 1 in 100 Britons would vote to support the sanctions against Russia which are partly responsible for our high energy prices.

4. In China, the Government says it is worried about the collapse in the price of housing. The solution? To destroy the homes of millions of people in order to force the price of property back up. The Government is tearing down tower blocks and halting construction on buildings that could house 75 million people. Why does the phrase `You will own nothing and be happy’ keep appearing in my head?

5. Inflation is now forecast to reach 18% by early 2023. Interest rates will have to go higher than that if the inflation figure is to be forced down. When I was a boy I remember my Dad being very cross when petrol went up to three shillings and sixpence a gallon. (That’s around 3 pence per litre.) That’s how inflation eats away at your money. How many Britons will be able to pay their mortgages when interest rates exceed 18%? What will happen to house prices?

6. Most British office workers now go into their office no more than one and a half days a week. Very few are at the places where they are supposed to work on Fridays. This, of course, is destroying productivity in Britain and helping the conspirators destroy the economy. It’s time for bosses to start sacking workers who don’t go into work. Civil servants are the worst offenders. Most of them won’t be missed and sacking them will reduce taxes.

7. The UK Government is advertising for potential suppliers to fulfil a contract to supply ration packs in 2023. The contract will be closed on 28th September and includes food, beverages, tobacco and related products. The contract is on behalf of the Ministry of Defence but the general purpose ration packs (including ethnic and religious rations) has a budget of up to £229,400,000. That’s clearly far too much to be just for the 149,000 people in the British armed forces. Maybe they will one day tell us what is going on in our country.

8. British water supplies are under the control of foreign companies – who have no reason to care about Britain. For example, Thames Water (London’s main water company) has imposed a hosepipe ban but leaks around 22% of the water supplies. Moreover, according to the Financial Times, Thames has £1,450 in debt for every customer. Interest payments for a recent 12 month period were £1.2 billion which is nearly as much as Thames Water spends on fixing leaks, etc. The owners include Canadian pension funds. Another problem is that vast amounts of drinking water are used to cool the massive data centres being built. A new planned site in Slough wants to use 25 litres of drinking water per second. What do we want – more data storage centres or enough drinking water?

9. Eurostar trains won’t stop at the big stations of Ebbsfleet and Ashford International for up to three years – thereby making travel even more difficult than it is now. And don’t forget the EU introduces new face and finger print tests in 2023 which will have a dramatic effect on the ability of Britons to travel. They want to stop all travel – except for the conspirators themselves, of course.

Copyright Vernon Coleman August 2022

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