`Telegramí sites are nothing to do with me Ė Please help!

Dr Vernon Coleman

These are tricky times.

I wanted to write a new book about the covid fraud. I could fill it with evidence and write it in such a way that it would convince those who still find the truth difficult to accept. It would be a wake-up call for millions.

But no one will publish such a book. No one will dare print it. No one will help market it. The suppression is complete. I desperately need to be able to reach people outside our movement but I canít. Itís unbelievably frustrating.

My last video (22nd December) was called `We are winning the warí. The evidence still supports that view. There are articles every day in the mainstream media criticising masks, lockdowns, jabs and so on. Articles and videos appear every day repeating stuff that I said eighteen months ago. The word is that we should now regard covid in the same way that we used to regard the flu. That, you will remember, is exactly what I said in March 2020.

But the enemy behind the coup has stepped up the pressure.

YouTube has removed my channel (and 216,000 subscribers) even though I hadnít put anything up since September 2021 and hadnít put anything up relating to Covid for over eighteen months since I joined BrandNewTube.

Earlier they had taken down a video encouraging people to take vitamin D. Everyone knows that vitamin D provides useful protection. But Iím not allowed to say it. Theyíve quietly removed around 30 videos in the last week or two.

And the abuse and threats from people who claim also to be opposed to the covid fraud has grown to an unbearable extent. Itís a trifle discombobulating to have knives stuck into my back so frequently. And a shame that hardly anyone ever criticises the abusers when they leave their lies and libels littered around the place. If I protest and stick up for myself I get even more abuse. I get attacked for daring to criticise the liars, cheats, thieves and fakers. Suddenly, their freedom to say whatever they want seems to allow them to lie and libel and abuse.

Most worrying of all there are still two sites on Telegram which, Iím told, wrongly claim to be mine.

I have absolutely no objection to sites carrying my videos but from what Iíve been told these videos purport to be run by me Ė and theyíre not.

If someone sets up a site which pretends to me thatís identity theft. Itís also fraud, libel and a breach of my patent and my copyright.

If sites make it clear that they arenít me Ė thatís fine. If they pretend to be me then thatís a serious breach of the law. For all I know such sites might be run by the 77th Brigade. Iíve had my ID stolen before (and that wasnít much fun) but this is like having my personality stolen.

I doubt if anyone would like to think that someone else was using their identity.

It saddens me that thousands of people have subscribed to these fake sites. It has been made very clear that these sites have nothing to do with me but are entirely fraudulent.

If you wish to help and you have access to Telegram please share the truth and tell everyone you know that the any alleged Vernon Coleman sites on Telegram are fake. Fake and fraudulent sites can be reported to abuse@telegram.org

I am still fighting as hard as ever but at the moment I find the idea of making videos rather difficult. I donít have any smiles left. And, for me, making videos requires an enormous amount of energy Ė energy that I just donít have. Most importantly, if I make more videos they will appear on these fake Telegram sites and Iíll be feeding the beast.

Despite the lies that I make videos to make money I have never monetised my videos. I have never allowed advertising on or around them.

But Iíve never objected to other people making money out of my work. (There are nearly 3,000 copies of my videos on Bitchute alone for example.)

But the fake channels on Telegram (created by people who are using my name and photograph) are just too much. Please remember: I have no social media sites because I am banned from them all.

Iíll keep writing articles for my websites (new material appears on them every day).

But please, please, if you have access to Telegram Ė please make it clear that the `Vernon Colemaní sites on Telegram are nothing to do with me.

And please send emails of complaint to abuse@telegram.org

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2022