Limiting Immigration is NOT Racist

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

There is an assumption that limiting immigration is racist. This is an accusation commonly made by those who support the EUís `open doorí policies.

The assumption is nonsensical for a number of reasons.

First, the opposition to immigration is not based on racial issues. Most of those who want to see immigration limited do not have any gripe with individuals of a particular race, colour or creed. The objection is not to the individuals who are coming into the country but to the principle of allowing our own culture and infrastructure to be swamped by unlimited numbers of immigrants.

Second, a substantial majority of the immigrants who have come into Britain within the last decade have no interest in Britainís culture or history. They are not, indeed, in the slightest bit interested in becoming integrated into our society. In large cities such as London, the local services are required to provide translating services for people speaking over 300 languages. This is the same objection which is commonly put forward in other European countries. (Incidentally, other countries do not offer free translating services. If you live in France and you wish to communicate with the authorities then you must do so in French.)

Third, our infrastructure and vital services cannot cope with unlimited immigration. It is because the population has expanded dramatically that our health services are failing, our schools are inadequate and our roads are unable to cope with the traffic.

Fourth, despite the fake figures which are produced by supporters of mass immigration, the fact is that immigrants are a drain on Britainís resources.

The people who are leading the campaign for continued membership of the EU and for unlimited immigration to continue, fall mainly into one of two categories: the foreigners who, not unnaturally, want the status quo to continue for their own benefit, and the rich metropolitan liberals who are not affected adversely by immigration because they are rich enough to use private health care and private education and if they wish to travel more than a few miles they do so by private aeroplane or helicopter. The individuals in this latter group may also have very personal financial reasons for supporting the EU.

I believe that the people of Britain voted for Brexit for many reasons. They wanted to take back control of their nation and to preserve their sovereignty. They wanted to take law-making out of the hands of unelected bureaucrats. But they also wanted to put an end to unlimited immigration. Real people who do not have servants and helicopters know that Britain is overcrowded. Sadly, many are now frightened to mention immigration lest they be falsely branded `racistsí. Project Fear has been augmented by Project Abuse.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018