Notre Dame Ė Who Did It?

Vernon Coleman

Tragic to see Notre Dame destroyed.

Pitiful to see Macron describing Notre Dame as a symbol of France and then begging the world to give money for the rebuild. This is the man who has arrogantly abused just about every country Ė notably Britain.

And no mention, of course, of the fact that the cathedral was almost certainly burnt down on purpose.

Huge old beams donít blaze so quickly unless they are given some help. (Have you ever tried burning yule logs on an open fire?)

Handy that so many of the important artefacts were saved.

So, who did it?

I donít believe a fire like that was started with a dropped fag end. Was it on behalf of Macron? A false flag fire to try to unite the country? It will be difficult for the yellow vests to continue demonstrating.

Or was it a terrorist group?

We will never know.

The French will merely describe it as an unfortunate accident.

They should leave the ruin as it is Ė a memorial to the glory days of France.

They certainly canít rebuild it. The craftsmen simply donít exist.

And, to be honest, Notre Dame stopped being a religious building many years ago. Itís been nothing more than a commercial site for a long time now.

Leave it as a relic and the Notre Dame shop will make a fortune flogging before and after pictures and little bits of burnt wood.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019