Criticising Israel is NOT the same as Criticising Jews

Dr Vernon Coleman

Israel’s supporters are cleverly suggesting that anyone who criticises Israel is anti-semitic and a supporter of terrorism.

This is a bald, wicked lie.

`Israel’ and `Jews’ are not the same thing.

Jews make up less than three quarters of the population of Israel. And obviously most Jews do not live in Israel and have probably never even been there.

Netanyahu and his chums are war criminals. There is no doubt about that.

I do not believe that the majority of Jews agree with what Netanyahu is doing.

And I do not believe that the majority of Israelis agree with Netanyahu is doing.

Israel’s current leaders are responsible for some of the worst war crimes committed in living memory – anywhere in the world.

Those who support Israel (including American and British politicians) are guilty of supporting war crimes. (This is no surprise, Biden and Sunak are already war criminals for their activities in supplying Ukraine with `dirty’ weapons.)

Those who keep silent and do not protest are also guilty.

And ignorant commentators who claim that all those who protest about Israel’s war crimes are anti-semitic and are supporting terrorism are dangerous, manipulative promoters of propaganda.

In my world, those are unarguable facts.

Criticising Israel is not anti-semitic. Netanyahu is not being criticised because he is Jewish but because he is a war criminal.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2023