Vernon Coleman Novels in Paperback

Vernon Coleman

The following novels by Vernon Coleman are now available as paperbacks. These are on sale exclusively on Amazon.

1. My Secret Years with Elvis
(The `true’ story of what happened when Elvis Presley didn’t die but went to live in Paris. Some readers believe it is true. I’m no longer entirely sure.)

2. Balancing the Books
(A widow avenges her husband by killing really nasty online reviewers. She kills in very imaginative ways.)

3. Tunnel
(A disaster novel about the people involved a train explosion in the Channel Tunnel. Not suitable reading for a journey on Eurostar.)

4. The Truth Kills
(The two main protagonists are a grumpy middle aged GP and a young woman GP who campaigns on behalf of patients. There’s excitement and romance and humour.)

5. Revolt
(A science fiction story about ordinary people struggling to survive in Britain in 2025 - under EU control.)

6. Around the Wicket
(A cricket club diary – full of cricket stories)

7. Paris in my Springtime
(The author goes to Paris as a young man and has extraordinary adventures. Is it fiction or autobiography?)

8. The Man Who Inherited a Golf Course
(A young man inherits an entire golf course but all does not go smoothly.)

9. Too Many Clubs and Not Enough Balls
(A novel about odd things happening to golfers – including what do you do when one of your playing partners dies during an important match)

10. Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War
(Mrs Caldicot rebels against the owner of the nursing home where she has been incarcerated.)

11. Mrs Caldicot’s Knickerbocker Glory
(More adventures of Mrs Caldicot – who now runs her own nursing home.)

12. Mrs Caldicot’s Oyster Parade
(Mrs Caldicot and chums go to Paris and have a fine time.)

13. Mrs Caldicot’s Turkish Delight
(Mrs Caldicot and chums live on a pier by the seaside. There are lots of problems but much fun.)

14. Second Chance
(A man runs away to the countryside and starts his life again in a pub.)

15. It’s Never Too Late
(A different man runs away to Paris and starts his life again in a small flat.)

16. Deadline
(A thriller with a hero, a heroine and a lot of bad people. The story starts with a man going to the loo in the Café de la Paix and coming back to find that his wife has disappeared.)

17. Village Cricket Tour
(A cricket club goes on a tour of the West Country. An elderly woman bought a copy of this book and returned it as unsuitable for her elderly brother – a vicar.)

18. The Hotel Doctor
(A GP goes to work at a hotel in Paris and finds that the hotel is also a brothel. The hero is in a Vernon Coleman novel so odd things happen to him.)

19. Mr Henry Mulligan
(A delicate, gentle story about a young doctor and an old man. I cried as I wrote this book and the story unfolded.)

20. Stories With A Twist in the Tale
(This isn’t a novel because these are short stories written a long time ago. All first appeared in magazines such as Punch, the Evening News and so on.)

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019