Britain is now officially a Third World Country

Dr Vernon Coleman

The International Monetary Fund often tells small, Third World countries what to do. They like to take control and issue instructions to small governments in countries many people couldn’t find on an atlas.

But the IMF never tells big G7 countries what to do.

They just don’t interfere with developed countries…

Except yesterday they did.

The IMF told Truss and Kwarteng that they have to reverse the tax cuts which were announced last Friday and which have resulted in a massive fall in the value of the pound – a fall that isn’t going to be reversed and which is going to lead to higher interest rates and longer lasting inflation.

The UK government is clearly either run by idiots or is deliberately trying to destroy the economy.

How could they not see the problems they were creating?

On 20th September 2022 I pointed out that the Government’s highly praised policies would push the pound down towards parity with the euro and the American dollar.

I also pointed out that there would be high interest rates, hyperinflation and mortgage rate rises.

Exactly what is now happening.

I actually warned that this was going to happen in November 2020. I predicted then that inflation was going to soar and that interest rates would rise dramatically.

I repeated the warning in my book `Endgame’ in March 2021 and in my book `Social Credit: nightmare on your street’ in June 2022.

And in a video on 5th August 2022 I warned again about the coming recession. Sadly, the video is now unavailable (like most of my 315 other videos) but you can read the transcript on my websites.

If I could see all this happening why couldn’t the politicians and the Bank of England see it happening?

Either they are very, very stupid.

Or they planned what is now happening: the destruction of the British economy.

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 2022

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