The Social Credit Nightmare is NOW on your Street

Dr Vernon Coleman

Most people don’t believe that the nightmare of social credit is coming.

But it’s here. And it’s already well established.

Today, I received a copy of a newspaper called the Sidmouth Herald for 16th June 2023.

The front page splash headline reads: `Not Kind or Inclusive’.

And the horrifying story on page three tells of Sidmouth College in Sidmouth, Devon where parents are claiming that their children are being excluded from their prom at the end of this month.

Apparently, some pupils have been told they can’t attend their class prom because they haven’t accumulated enough `praise points’.

Pupils get `praise points’ in five categories: being ready to learn, enabling others to learn, treating the environment and others with respect, working to the best of their ability and fulfilling their responsibilities.

`Praise points’ are apparently awarded by staff as a reward for `positive behaviour’.

One parent said: `This has caused emotional harm and it is not kind and inclusive to these children banned from the prom’.

You’re not kidding!

The scheme is, it is alleged, used to control the pupils’ behaviour throughout the year.

I can see no difference between this scheme and the social credit scheme as practised in China.

We have started down the slippery slope.

Big Brother is alive and well and keeping score.

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Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2023