Anarchy Now Rules

Vernon Coleman

Without trust, justice and decent, fair governance there can be no peace.

We all need to trust.

We all need boundaries.

In the same way that children need to know what they can, and cannot, do so adults need boundaries which they can acknowledge.

The boundaries must be fair and they must be respected by all concerned.

When we hand over power we expect it to be accepted and used with decency and responsibility.

In the last few months, MPs have destroyed that trust and have opened up the way to anarchy.

Instead of acting responsibly, MPs have behaved like unruly children on a party outing.

Every MP who has supported the Remain camp has betrayed the people of Britain.

There was a vote to leave the EU.

There was never any question of a compromise being made. MPs agreed beforehand that they would abide by the result. They voted, in the Commons, to leave on March 29th.

If the Remainers had won the vote, Britain would have stayed in the EU and the Brexiteers would have had to put up with it.

But neo-Nazi MPs have fought to overturn the will of the people.

I donít think I have ever seen terrible behaviour as that exhibited by the Remainer MPs.

Have freedom and democracy ever before been destroyed by so many selfish enemies of the people?

Whatever happens now, the future is anarchy.

Democracy is dead.

Hitler, Goebbels, Goring and Ribbentrop would be oh so very proud of the Remainer MPs who have destroyed our nation, our way of life and our future. They, and the wretched, cretinous, cryptorchid celebrities who preach incessantly, and constantly display their ignorance, are enemies of the people. They donít seem to understand just how the EU works or what its aims are. Either they are all simply enthusiastic neo-Nazis, keen to further the aims of Adolf Hitler et al, or else they are half-witted turkeys voting for Christmas.

All Brexiteers must now become anarchists.

Itís us against the Government, Parliament, the Civil Service and the BBC.

Those of us who care about our country are, by default, all anarchists now.

If Parliament survives its self-destructive behaviour (which it will not necessarily do), then we need a Prime Minister with courage, passion, brains and a belief in Britain, democracy and freedom. (The current incumbent has none of those.) And we need to replace our foul, smug, treacherous MPs with some who are honest, capable and responsible.

Most of the MPs currently sitting in the House of Commons have no future in politics.

Itís going to be our job to make sure these traitors are thrown onto the scrap heap. (Though I do not doubt that most of them will be given well-paid positions with the EU, or with American banks.)

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019