Why is Failure now so well Rewarded?

Dr Vernon Coleman

Am I the only to have noticed that we now have a society in which failure is frequently well rewarded?

Politicians who screw up are rewarded with honours galore. They are given knighthoods or peerages in the UK. In the US they are awarded with bank directorships galore. And in all countries they find themselves much in demand as public speakers – commanding $100,000 an hour or more. And then there are the books in which, for a few million dollars, they rewrite their careers and rewarded for their perfidy.

Public servants are another group who never pay for their mistakes. Although they have may have misspent billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money, public servants are never punished. If anything happens it will be a promotion – possibly to a nice job in a quango where they can earn huge sums for doing next to nothing.

Company bosses are rewarded for their incompetence with bonuses. If they wreck their company, destroy jobs and damage shareholder value the bonus scheme will be rewritten so that they can still be given a million or two in bonus payments.

The philosophy of rewarding failure is destroying our civilisation.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2023

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