Does NATO want Russia to Nuke London?

Dr Vernon Coleman

Yes. I think so.

In my opinion, Rishi Sunak is a war criminal for sending depleted uranium shells to Ukraine. He and Tony Bliar are a disgrace to humanity.

British shells are being used to bomb Russian territory. (Including the depleted uranium shells which cause cancer.)

The Third World War is getting hotter.

NATO is deliberately poking the Russian bear.

And English and American taxpayers (with support from Canada et al) are unwillingly paying for the bombs, the depleted uranium shells and the bullets which are being used to kill people in Ukraine. Iíve no doubt we are all paying for the coffins and the funerals too. American taxpayers are even paying the pensions for Ukraine residents. (Ukraine will never come out from under the debts they are accumulating. Whatever happens in this war, Ukraine is finished as a country.)

I fear that NATO wants to provoke Russia into attacking London. And the Russians are not going to use bows and arrows in response are they?

The conspirators want to destroy the global economy, kill billions and push us into their Great Reset. They want an excuse for more war, more misery and far more deaths. (A thousand times as many people are dying outside Ukraine as are dying within it.) This is the fast road to the Great Reset and a totalitarian world government. And it is part of a massive depopulation plan conceived by the most evil men and women in history.

If you donít believe they would do that then Iím afraid you have no idea how truly evil they are.

(Oh, and watch out for false flag attacks.)

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Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2023