Medical and Nursing Staff Showing their Prejudices

Dr Vernon Coleman

It is a basic tenet of good medical practice that all patients are treated not according to religion, race, skin colour or vaccination status but according to their needs.

When I was a medical student I was a member of an organisation called the Medical Association for the Prevention of War. At a conference I attended in Oxford, I remember being shocked to the core to discover that one doctor had observed that, in riots in an American city, hospitals had given precedence to the treatment of injured police officers to the detriment of seriously injured demonstrators.

Incoming patients were not treated according to their needs, but according to the clothes they wore.

Sadly, it seems that wherever there is a hospital there will be prejudice.

Apart from obvious geographical inequalities (patients in some areas receive far better care than patients in more poorly served areas) there are many examples showing that even on a national scale health care is not distributed fairly or evenly among those who need it.

The problem is that politicians, administrators and doctors invariably spend money on those who are perceived to have power. Those who are regarded as powerless are denied even basic care. Governments happily close down long-stay psychiatric care hospitals without providing any alternative. So-called community care means that long-stay hospitals are closed and the homeless patients discharged to spend their days and nights in bus shelters and amid the rat infested squalor underneath city flyovers. That’s what ‘care in the community’ means.

Those who are able and willing to promote their own needs (either in the media or directly to politicians) will always receive more than those who are not so fortunate. This is particularly true wherever socialist medicine is practised. In Britain the constantly ailing National Health Service, ostensibly designed to provide equal care for all, is grotesquely biased towards the photogenic and towards those noisy and demanding liberals who can make sure that their demands are met at the expense of the rest of the community.

The mentally ill get forgotten. The elderly are forgotten.

And now the evidence suggests that some medical staff are punishing those who wisely refused to be jabbed with a toxic, not properly tested drug that doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.

Wise patients (sneered at as antivaxxers) are being refused treatment, being made to wait or (encouraged by rabid and ignorant commentators in the mainstream media) treated with contempt and disdain.

Medical and nursing staff who misbehave in this way should be fired – permanently. And they should lose their licences to practise.

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 2022

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