The National Obesity Forum

Vernon Coleman

I recently sent this letter to the editor of a medical magazine:

To The Editor, GP Magazine
Dear Editor,
You recently ran an article entitled `GPs Knowledge On Nutrition Needs Updating'. The article was written by Dr David Haslam who is described as clinical director of something called the National Obesity Forum. The article included information about meat taken from a `survey' conducted by the British Meat Nutrition Education Services and was illustrated with a photograph of some red meat. What the article didn't tell readers was that the website of the National Obesity Forum receives `an educational grant' from (among others), which is in turn paid for by the British Meat Nutrition Education Services. It is perfectly true that GPs need better nutrition information. But in my opinion they need entirely independent information - advice which cannot possible be regarded as tainted in any way by association with industry pressure groups. I will be advising my readers about the National Obesity Forum (and asking the GMC to look into this organisation and those linked to it) but I would be grateful if you would also let your readers know of this important link, so that they know how to regard any more information from Dr Haslam and the National Obesity Forum.
Yours sincerely

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

Vernon Coleman has received no educational grants from anyone or from any organisation or lobby group. His book Food for Thought provides honest, impartial, unbiased advice on food (including meat). Food for Thought is available from the shop on this website and from all good bookshops everywhere.

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