Passing Observations 10

Vernon Coleman

1. We didnít leave the EU because of Boris Johnson. Boris is Prime Minister because all intelligent, sentient citizens in Britain wanted to leave the EU Ė and he was the only politician crafty enough to see which way the land lay. It now seems that Boris misunderstands this simply truth, and is becoming a little above himself. We need to watch him.

2. The Government would like to bring doctors out of retirement in the unlikely event that the coronarvirus panic matches expectations. But they canít because (as I have frequently explained on this website) the General Medical Councilís absurd but profitable revalidation programme means that when doctors retire they lose their licence to practise. Once again the GMCís greed and stupidity proves disastrous.

3.Meghan and Mr Meghan are surely the poster children for greed, a sense of entitlement, whingeing and professional victimhood. If they want the respect they seem to crave, they need to pay back the £2.4 million they spent doing up the house they were given. And they need to pay their own security costs.

4. Two words sum up why Britons are sceptical about immigration: Gina Miller. I suspect that many believe Britain would be a happier place if Mrs Miller (nee Singh) had stayed in British Guiana.

5. We are told we must be friends with Remainers. Bugger that. The sly bastards are still siding with the EU and trying to make it difficult for us to get a good deal. All Remainers should bugger off and live in Poland or some other EU hotspot.

6. Masks probably donít help protect against the coronavirus. The main reason is that most people wearing masks touch their faces frequently to adjust their masks. And it is by touching the face that bugs get into the body.

7. I was the lucky recipient of the worst ever phishing expedition the other day. I was sent an email telling me that the direct debit for my TV Licence hadnít worked and that I needed to send my bank details to the scammer. Never stood a chance. I donít pay the TV licence fee. I refuse to give the bastards at the BBC any of my hard earned, highly taxed income. The BBC reneged on its agreement not to demand a licence fee from the Over 75s and it broke its contract with the public by siding with the EU over Brexit. The licence fee should be abolished. Actually, the BBC should be abolished.

8. Congratulations to the Scots who are campaigning for independence. They know their country will go bankrupt and taxes will soar Ė if they win their fight. They will have no currency and trading will be impossibly difficult (since England is their main trading partner) but they are prepared to pay the price for independence. Hats off to them. Letís hope they get the independence they seem to crave.

9. Climate change nutters are the main threat to our survival. They want to stop all fossil fuels Ė and that will mean no electricity for cooking and lighting. For when the electricity runs out buy a 12 volt kettle you can use in your car to make hot soup and a cuppa. (Incidentally, why do the police allow climate change campaigners to damage the planet? If animal rights protestors behaved that way they would be arrested and sent to prison for years.)

10. Antoinette and I have a negative carbon footprint. The squirrels in our garden planted 369 oak, beech, walnut and hazel trees in the last six months alone.

11. Itís been clear for years that the Bank of England is run by morons who love the fascist EU and are potty followers of Greta the Gormless. Now we know they are hypocrites too. The Bank is dumping all £20 notes made of paper and replacing them with £20 notes made of plastic. So there is the Bank talking bullshit about global warming and plastic while replacing perfectly good paper notes with plastic ones.

12. Rousseau, when writing about the Social Contract, claimed that men are basically good and that it is government and laws which make them bad. If he was right then it stands to reason that less government and fewer laws must be a GOOD thing and that the EU which is a law-making machine is a BAD thing.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2020

The Climate Change nutters are threatening our way of life. They are wrong in just about everything they say. And hypocrisy is rife. To find the truth about climate change please read Gretaís Homework by Zina Cohen. It will astonish you. And probably delight you too. The book is available on Amazon as an eBook and a paperback.